Fixtures so far

24th August 2010

1 Sun 19th Sept                    Wheelblazers          V        Bolton Bulls         Tip Off ? 2  Sun 26th Sept                    Bolton Bulls            V        W.O.S                  Tip Off 3.30 Not Confirmed3  Sat 09th Oct                       Falcons                  V        Bolton Bulls          Waiting confirmation that Falcons have folded4  Sun  17th Oct                     Bolton Bulls            V        Leeds Spiders    Tip Off 1.305  Sun  24th Oct                     Cobras                   V         Bolton Bulls          Tip Off 3.306  Sun 14th  Nov                    W.O.S                     V         Bolton Bulls           IP Off ?  Not Confirmed7  Sun  28th Nov                    Bolton Bulls            V         Mavericks            Tip Off 1.308  Sun 05th  Dec                    Bolton Bulls            V        Green Bank          Tip Off 1.309  Sun  09th  Jan                   Bolton Bulls             V        Wheelblazers        Tip Off 1.3010 Sun 16th Jan                    Leeds Spiders       V        Bolton Bulls            Tip Off 1.0011 Sat  29th Jan                   Greenbank              V        Bolton Bulls            Tip Off 11.3012 Sat  05th Feb                  Bolton Bulls             V        Falcons                 Tip Off  2.30 waiting confirmation13 Sun  13th Feb                 Bolton Bulls             V        Cobras                  Tip Off 1.3014 Sat  26th Mar                  Mavericks               V         Bolton Bulls           Tip Off Sat Evening
More info as we get it blog fans (do we actually have any blog fans.)

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Thursday 8:30pm 10:30pm
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