Group goes live

13th August 2010

Today we've invited a couple of hundred people to the Facebook Group so hopefully there's no glaring cock ups in there.  Also as I said in my last post the fixtures are out so being the informative soul I am you can find them below.  Please however note these haven't yet been confirmed so hold your horses if your thinking of travelling thousands of miles just to watch us play. Weekend of 18/19 Sept Derby Wheelblazers vs Bolton Bulls Weekend of 25/26 Sept Bolton Bulls vs West of Scotland Weekend of 09/10 Oct Furness Falcons vs Bolton Bulls Weekend of 16/17 Oct Bolton Bulls vs Leeds Spiders Weekend of 23/24 Oct Leicester Cobras vs Bolton Bulls Weekend of 13/14 Nov West of Scotland vs Bolton Bulls Weekend of 27/28 Nov Bolton Bulls vs Manchester Mavericks Weekend of 04/05 Dec Bolton Bulls vs Liverpool Greenbank Weekend of 08/09 Jan Bolton Bulls vs Derby Wheelblazers Weekend of 15/16 Jan Leeds Spiders vs Bolton Bulls Weekend of 29/30 Jan Liverpool Greenbank vs Bolton Bulls Weekend of 05/06 Feb Bolton Bulls vs Furness Falcons Weekend of 26/27 Feb Bolton Bulls vs Leicester Cobras Weekend of 26/27 Mar Manchester Mavericks vs Bolton Bulls These are subject to change.

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