1st match of the season

19th September 2010

So today is the first match of this years season and we're away against the Derby Wheelblazers. Tip off 2pm at Derby College, Prince Charles Avenue, Mackworth.  If you're in the area go and say Hi to the guys and cheer them on, we only have a small squad today. Well I say 'we're' away, but technically I'm not because I'm at home suffering from a little bit of self inflicted illness. Chairman Steve finds it most amusing that I am suffering today after consuming the best part of 5 bottles of vino with my cousin last night.  I did say I didn't finish the last glass, so that makes it OK right? Chairman Steve is under orders to keep me up to date with the score so I can inform our blog and tweet fans (do we actually have any fans? There's a bit of an echo in here), he is also instructed to provide me with photographic evidence of the match, particularly anyone ending up on the deck so I can put the pictures on here and on facebook. Cruel? Me? Never ;-) Until later, pass the paracetamol.
Mrs Chairman Steve.

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