Table Top Sale

2nd September 2010

Well it's been a few days since we last blogged and I've decided to fill you in on the happenings in the world of the Bolton Bulls this week. Not a lot exciting has gone on, training tonight as usual at Smithill Sports Centre in Bolton 8.30pm -10.30pm, come and  join us (or you can take me to the pub while the boys train) We are still working hard on trying to raise funds from various ventures, one of which is a tabletop sale this Sunday 3rd October at the Longfield Centre, Prestwich 10am- 1pm. Come have a nosey at our stuff, try and win the teddy bear by guessing his/her name or just relieve us for a potty break. In the world of tweeting, we are gathering more followers by the day. Add BoltonBulls on twitter and read the mundane ramblings of myself or chairman Steve (believe me they are mundane and sometimes just plain odd). Don't forget to visit our facebook group  and our justgiving page Til next time. Cya, Mrs Chairman Steve ;-)

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Smithills Sports Centre,
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