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16th October 2010

Sorry blog fans (do we actually have any blog fans?) for not writing for a while. Unfortunately real life got in the way and prevented us posting.  Yes that really does mean we were busy and forgot, well I did anyway, I don't know Chairman Steve's excuse. Anyway, tomorrow is our 3rd match of the season so far. We are home at Smithills Sports Centre Bolton against the Leeds Spiders. Tip off is at 1.30pm, you know you want to be there and watch us.............................probably lose since our 5 pointer has buggered off to throw an egg shaped ball in France this weekend. Well done Jack for being selected for the GB Wheelchair Rugby squad. OK I've been told to be more positive, the fact we lost our last 2 matches in no way suggests a pattern for the match tomorrow.  We will win, we will, we will, we will................ All joking aside, the team played well the last 2 matches under some very difficult conditions.  We may not have won, but we certainly gave the other teams a run for their money and as the season gets under way we'll get back into the swing of it and start climbing the league table again.  Chairman Steve scored his basket for the season, so if he scores another he'll have broken his ten year record of one a season ;-) Training sessions continue every Thursday at Smithills 8.30pm- 10.30pm and we've had a couple of new potential players show up in the last couple of weeks.  This week we were joined by our very own RatedR1882 from Twitter aka, Michael. What else is happening I hear you ask (OK so you didn't ask but I'll tell you anyway). We're up to 80 followers on Twitter (@BoltonBulls) so headed in the right direction.  Our facebook group is still going and we're going to be adding new pictures soon and hopefully getting some posts from team members  Don't forget you can find out more about the club at our justgiving page. That's it from me now,I'll try and get some decent pictures tomorrow and enlighten you all about our winning basket ;-). Don't forget to pass us round (I'm sure I'm talking to myself). Mrs Chairman Steve. xx

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