Things could only improve....and guess what, they did.

15th November 2010

After what the more polite among us would describe as an indifferent start to the season, Bolton Bulls ventured into the frozen north (more on that later) to face West of Scotland. The squad travelled up on Saturday to stay in the Premier Inn at Bearsden and take full advantage of the pub next door.  Saturday afternoon in front of a roaring log fire, bar close to hand and sport on the big screen tv, life doesn't really get much better...but I digress. With the squad fully assembled (physically if not necessarily mentally) we ate an excellent dinner in preparation for the match the next day.  Being true athletes we drank (although strictly in moderation - us being athletes and all) and battered the quiz machine in the corner till we could quiz no more. Following a hearty breakfast (although apparently if we'd held off till 10 we could have had a scottish breakfast rather than the english one without black pudding, tattie scones OR haggis) we set off for the match. From the first buzzer it was obvious that the new training drills were having a positive effect on the team, with Bolton taking an early lead.  Ultimately, we lost the game 45-31 but all agreed that this had been by far the best performance of the season, and quite possibly of the previous season as well.  Passing was more crisp, defence harder and movement was noticeably of a higher standard.  If we can continue in this vein then our first victory of the season can't be far away.  A special mention has to be made of our very own Big G.  Graeme was far and away Bolton's best player at both ends of court and we're hoping it continues for the rest of the season. On the way home we saw snow (I said the frozen north would get another mention.)

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