18th July 2011

Wow, how long has it been since we last blogged.  Apparently a very long time. Good job nobody reads this twaddle isn't it. So what's been happening with the Bulls I hear you ask (OK I don't, I'm making it up). Well, I shall tell you anyway. Season ended, very disappointingly (is that even a word?) with yet another loss. I've lost count how many there were last season, it was a few. So the players all went off on their holibobs, did lots of interesting things and await information about next season and the division we'll be in (3rd I reckon). Training starts this week on the 21st July. Chairman Steve got his extension finished and his house has suddenly doubled in size and is awaiting being over run by pint sized tearaways. I think he's starting to get scared now.  The smallest person was 9 yesterday, had a lovely birthday and ate too much cake.  The largest small person discovered her new bedroom (forever christened the batcave) and spent almost an entire week in there, only venturing out blinking mole-like in the sunlight when she was certain the adults were absent. So what happens next? Well, I should be packing the house up ready to descend on Chairman Steve permanently. This is happening in a couple of weeks unless he runs very fast for the hills now. The pint sized people have finished school for the summer and I'm going to have to come up with new and inventive ways to keep them entertained yet still retaining my sanity. We are still looking for ways to raise awareness of the club and obviously to raise money to fund the next season, so on the remote off chance anyone does read this and I'm not just talking to myself. If you have any ideas, please do leave me a comment or three. Til the next time (hopefully not another 6 months).

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