30th September 2011

Ok, so 4 times I've tried to write a blog post on my laptop, and 4 times it's had a hissy fit and wiped the lot halfway through typing it! Yes 4 bloody times! I am so not impressed, I may just threaten it with being given to the smallest annoying person as a toy. Mwahahahahahahahahaha!!  Anyway I've nicked Chairman Steve's computer, so here we go again, 5th time lucky. (or boring, you decide). I could get used to this blogging lark, writing my inane random thoughts down and making you read them. Shame I have to go to work regularly isn't it. Mind you, would me writing more regularly put people off? Hmmm. *thinks* Sorry, mind wandered slightly there and I started thinking about cakes.  Mmmmm cakes! Back to business. Tommy and Nancy came round last night, it was pegged as a social evening but really we just intended to pin them down and talk about scary money stuff.  They looked like bunnies trapped in headlights initially but they soon got in the swing of things.  Oh, and they brought biscuits with them. Mmmm biscuits! We had a good old natter about fundraising ideas and potential leads etc and I think we now have a plan firmly fixed in our minds as to how to save the club from potential extinction. Yes, I did say extinction. We are like a dodo, without help we will be lost in the ether forever and be known as 'that team what tried to raise money with a blog but were a bit crap'. Unfortunately, the biggest idea we have that will bring in the most revenue is going to cost us £2000 just to get it going. It has the potential to be huge if we can just get going on it. If you can help us with financial donations (yes, I know I'm banging on about it again) please go to We may then be able to pull it off. If you've got any other ideas we can use then please let us know on here, on facebook (, Twitter ( or email us ( With the boring bit out of the way, we have a donation on it's way from Maria Duffy.  Maria Duffy lives in Dublin, Ireland with her husband and four young children. She embarked on her writing journey only three years ago and has enjoyed some success already. She’s had poems published in an online fairy tale magazine and another story published in an Irish collection of short stories, A Pint and a Haircut. She’s currently editing her first novel and working on her second. She writes two blogs— and She’s also recently started to blog for Hello! Magazine. (Yes I have blatantly ripped that information from her website, Sorry Maria).  Anyway, she's sending us a book (hopefully signed) that we can raffle/give as a prize. We like Maria :). Chairman Steve got us another mention on Tower FM's breakfast show this morning, he claims to be a bit of a music boff and gave the year for the top 9 at 9 . Personally I think he has too much time on his hands and listens to music that may or may not be a bit pants.  Anyway, I should probably be off now. I don't want to scare you away by writing too much and Chairman Steve is going to start demanding lunch and I need to thank the biggest small person for putting the washing out. Well, all that and I can't think of anything else for now. I may be back later though, you have been warned. :p

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