New Season

26th September 2011

If anybody reads this, please leave us a comment, send us an email, a tweet, or put a message on our facebook page.  Anything, just make some sort of contact so we don't think we're talking to ourselves. It's getting lonely in here and the Mrs thinks I'm starting to go slightly bonkers with all the muttering I'm doing. Ok, having got that off my chest let's get on with it. The big news of the close-season was the change of Coach.  Tom decided to step back after coaching the team for what seems like an eternity and focus on his playing (it helped his game - more on this below.)  Jim has now taken over the mantle of head coach which if nothing else will ensure we're among the fittest teams in the division (pushing pyramids as a warm up - you have to love it).  Apparently this is even more amusing from the sidelines with the 'WAGS' wetting their knickers laughing at us sweating, grunting and pulling faces as we push. Yes I am talking about just on court! Prior to the season starting a number of us attended the wedding of former player Stephen Lightbown (visit his blog at  Despite the venue for the reception seemingly being in the back end of nowhere with absolutely no mobile phone reception and a complete white knuckle ride for Mrs Chairman driving up hill and down dale whilst trying not to throw up (she's a poof when it comes to heights) a great night was had by all. Got to be honest I've never been to a more all inclusive event in my life. Everything from guess the number of sweeties in a jar, name the teddy and a bring your own cake buffet (mmm cakes) to watching Stephen hurl himself around the dance floor in his chair to a very lively ceilidh and great song choices for the disco afterwards. The drinks flowed, the laughter was loud and the team got a bit merry. When's the next do? We wish Stephen and Miriam a great life together and think they should host an event every year on their anniversary. Mrs Chairman requests somewhere a bit less frightening to get to though. The season started the following day, on the 18th of September with a home match at Smithills Gym, Bolton against Derby Wheelblazers.  It was a good match, particularly from #15 Tom Eckersley who appears to be back to his best. If you look on the facebook page you can see the pictures from the match and marvel at the attempts of Mr Eckersley to combine basketball ball with synchronised swimming.  Unfortunately, we were slightly under strength that day and we lost 38-32.  This is even more impressive when you consider that half the team were probably sporting mild hangovers from the night before. They will deny this outright and claim 'tiredness' from the late night and the driving, but we know the truth ;-) Morale remains high and we're hopefully for better results over the season. In other news, we've set up accounts with various social media sites so there's absolutely no reason not to have us in your day.  For your convenience (again assuming anyone's actually reading this) I've listed them below.  Feel free to pass us around like squashed cake at a toddlers birthday party. Twitter             @Bolton Bulls Facebook:  Gmail:      Blog        Justgiving (all donations welcomed)                 Linkedin    And finally, we're once again on the lookout for donations sponsorship so if anyone has any offers suggestions of organisations we could approach please get in touch.  As you will be aware from reading our facebook etc, we are a registered charity and in order for the club to continue providing a sporting outlet for the people of Bolton and the surrounding areas (both able bodied and disabled) we do need funds to run. We're already in discussions with @WLT_est2010 over at with the plan that in the coming months we'll host an event in Bolton to raise the profile of both organisations and some much needed funds for the team. More information on that as it gets developed. That's all for now, I'll post again definitely after the next match (Vs West of Scotland on the 1st of October) if not before.  In the meantime, smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast.

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