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2nd October 2011

Hello t'internet world! Mrs Chairman Steve is busy at work staring down the business end of the pregnant ladies of North Manchester and Chairman Steve is busy sorting passwords out so you lucky people have got me and my mind musings for this evening. I thought it would be good to start a limited edition series (very limited if this doesn't pass the censorship committee!!)of player profiles so our merry band of followers can get to know a little about the Bulls squad and what makes us I start with myself. (I'm the one on the right gazing longingly at the basket) Name: Dave Hughes
Age: 31 and three quarters (though the grey hair and wisdom suggests a number much larger)
Squad Number: 6
Playing since: 2007
Position played: Winger
Points Scored this season: 3
Basketball skills: Knocking the dust of the basket backboards, sending smaller, much lighter players skidding across the court on their backsides, forgetting to breathe on particularly energetic drives.
Offcourt Occupation: Logistics Project Manager for BT Openreach
Likes: Man beer (Beer should never be yellow and fizzy), Ye Olde Pastie Shoppe pasties and pies, Mk1 Ford Granadas (mainly 'cos I want to be Jack Regan in The Sweeney).
Dislikes: Folk who spell Dennis with one "n" (It just looks wrong!!), txt speak, people who are too engrossed in their phone/iPod/blackberry to look where they are going and nearly end up on my lap as a result, broccoli, french cars, dijon mustard, perfumed teas (Its PG every time), manufactured x factor styleee pop music, fake tan. And that's me! So I shall hand the reins back to Chairman Steve and prepare for another fun week at the coal face. Ooh but before I go, can I just clarify that Chairman Steve is the chairman of the club, not some strange dictatorship where he wears strange grey suits and makes us all worship large posters of him. At least not yet anyway. That had worried me for weeks. And Mrs Chairman Steve is a midwife, she doesn't hang around pregnant ladies for fun. PPS We lost 69-40 yesterday against the West of Scotland. Match report to follow. Goodnight t'internet world, you've been fantastic. A bientot!

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