Another week another set of pyramids

17th October 2011

There will of course be pyramids pushed later in the week, but thats primarily for another post (to be honest I was just short of a catchy title for this particular ramble.) Anyway now I've confessed that, I'll start todays post by saying that this musing is brought to you in conjuction with where I've just pre-ordered Modern Warfare 3 *excited face*
Getting back to the point, last Friday (14 October for the more pedantic among you) I went, along with Mrs Chairman and the junior Bulls to "Bury Light Night" We started the evening with a meal at Nando's with an excellent meal at a reasonable price (I sound like an advert I know, but it really was good.)   I'd also like to make a special mention of the staff who were all extremely helpful and couldn't have done more to make us feel welcome. The event itself was thoroughly enjoyable for all the family with spectacular firework and light displays, bands playing in various venues throughout the town, poetry readings.  There was even a market where we all had cup cakes (I'm an athlete I know, but it would have been rude to turn down cake.)  Was nice to see the centre of the town filled with people, generating a good atmosphere for all present. I'll post again in a few days.....untill then stay safe and make sure you visit us at (or just click on the icon at the top of the page.) This post has been brought to you in true Sesame Street stylee by the letter S and the number 7.

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