Chairman Steve heads South..

24th October 2011

It's the school half term and this means the members of the Bull Pen head South for a few days, back to the land of Mrs Chairman. Mr Chairman quivers in his seat at the thought of having to make conversation with a bunch of folks with weird accents and more to the point, 4 1/2 hours in the car with the mini bulls. Smallest bull declaring loudly to anyone who will listen 'I can't wait to get there! I've missed Lucy!! (the dog).........................*long pause*.......................................................................and dad'. We very nearly crashed the car at his list of priorities. Fast forward 24 hours, the mini bulls are safely deposited at their destination and Mr and Mrs Chairman are ensconced in a friends lounge discussing the merits of wheelchair basketball with the 13 year old child. Question for you readers, are there any wheelchair basketball clubs in The South East of England? We couldn't think of any. Perhaps you could have a rummage through the deep recesses of your minds and duly inform us if you know of any so we can pass this on. The quest for fundraising continues, even while we are on our jollies. A very close friend of Mrs Chairman is negotiating with people she knows in the hope of bringing us good news (hopefully we can elaborate on this later). We are also looking at ways of fundraising online. Watch this space ---> Speaking if fundraising, have you checked out the donation we received just before we travelled South? 4 tickets for The Stone Roses reunion tour at Heaton Park next July 1st 2012!! *Aaargh, lots of excited screaming ensues I imagine*. Where are these tickets and how can I help my favourite basketball team I hear you ask. It's simple. Follow the links below. 2x Tickets for The Stone Roses being auctioned for my favourite charity. Another 2x tickets for The Stone Roses being auctioned for my favourite charity. We received a very nice write up this morning from The Best of Bolton, thank you for that :). You, my dear readers should also follow that link and give it a read. Back on our jollies we go, we return Oop North shortly and will be back in time for training at Smithills Gym, Smithills Dean Road, Bolton from 8.30pm - 10.30pm on Thursday, come and join us. In the interim, we have a guest blogger tomorrow in the form of the lovely Jane Travers and her Tweet Treats tour. Tune in then to read more about it. TTFN. 

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