4th October 2011

As I mentioned in the match report on the previous post, a few people have asked me for a list of fixtures. So, here they are. If anybody sees any errors ommissions general cock ups feel free to holler and I'll amend.  1 Sunday 18th September Bulls V Derby T.O 2.30pm
 2 Saturday 1st October Bulls V West of Scotland T.O. 3.30pm
 3 Saturday 12th November Bulls V Warriors T.O. 2.30pm
 4 Sunday 4th December Greenbank V Bulls T.O 4.30pm
 5 Sunday 11th December Bulls v Vikings T.O. 1.30pm
 6 Sunday 8th January Derby v Bulls T.O. 3.00pm
 7 Saturday 18th February Bulls v Percey Hedley 2 T.O. 2.30pm
 8 Saturday 25th February W.O.S/ Percey Hedley T.O. To be confirmed
 9 Sunday 26th February W.O.S/Percey Hedley T.O To be confirmed
 10 Saturday 10th March Warriors v Bulls T. O. 2.30pm
 11 Saturday 24th March Bulls v Greenbank T.O. 1.30pm
 12 Sunday 15th April Vikings v Bulls T.O. 12.30pm

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