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25th October 2011

*WARNING THIS POST IS NOT BASKETBALL RELATED* *Read it anyway* Today gentle reader, I’d like to introduce you all to our good friend Jane Travers (find her on twitter @JaneTravers).  She’s recently brought out a recipe book for which all the profits go to charity.  So, we felt it was appropriate to offer her the opportunity to tell her story.  This decision obviously had absolutely nothing to do with her bunging us a donation over at (seriously it actually didn’t, but a big thanks to Jane and anyone else that feels they can contribute). In case you're looking for the donate button it's that one over there in the top right corner ;-) If after you’ve read what Jane has to say, you want to buy the book pop over to I’m a charitable sort of person. At least, I like to think I am. I have several monthly direct debits that go out to various charities, most of which I’ve been supporting for years now. Whenever there’s a fundraiser for a charity close to home, like a bag pack or a bake sale, I’ll go along and contribute. But really, that’s about it. I’d don’t spend considerable parts of my life fundraising or volunteering for charities, I pretty much just pay lip service to it. And a few quid when I have it to spare. Quite often my conscience niggles at me about this, and tells me I should do more. There are amazing charities out there that receive no state funding and that are utterly reliant on voluntary donations to continue the difficult work that they do. But at heart, like most people in the developed world, I am basically selfish. I’ll think, “I must do something for....” and then it’ll slip my mind. One day last year I had an idea, to collect Twitter recipes in 140 characters or less and compile them into a book. I fell in love with the idea and was determined to run with it, because it sounded like an enormous amount of fun. Instantly I decided that I should do this for charity, and not just for myself; finally here was something that I was so determined to do, that earning money from it just wasn’t relevant. The charity I chose was Médecins sans Frontières, a global charity for whom I have a great deal of respect. They were delighted at the prospect, so I got to work. Over the following months I hounded, badgered and coerced recipes out of people. I pursued celebrities with the help of a group of trusty friends who called themselves Team Tweet Treats. After four months I had 1,800 recipes from 500 contributors, including 140 celebrities. A year later Tweet Treats is now in the shops, and all royalties are going directly to MSF. What really astonished me about this project was how, once I’d thought of what I wanted to do, I worked happily and (almost!) tirelessly at it for eighteen long months. It reminds me of the old saying, “Find what you like to do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Certainly I’ve gotten more fun and more satisfaction out of working on Tweet Treats than out of anything else I’ve done for a very long time. So charity work doesn’t have to be dull and boring... who knew? ;)                                                            Jane Travers!

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