Match Report - Bolton Bulls vs West of Scotland

4th October 2011

Picture the scene. October 1st 2011, the UK is gripped by an unseasonal heatwave leading to temperatures in the mid 20's. England have already beaten Scotland at the Rugby World Cup that morning, now its time for the wheelchair basketball equivalent, Bolton Bulls vs West of Scotland at Smithills Sports Centre Bolton. It was all going so well up to that point. We had a full squad available (with the obvious exception of Jack whose currently drinking Liverpool dry and calling it "being a student") West had a relatively short bench (although still had a couple of very experienced high point players to call upon. The first quarter was relatively even, we missed a few, scored a few, they pretty much did the same and were only slightly ahead at the break. Over the next 3 quarters, however, the scoreboard showed a different tale with WoS running out winner 69-40. On the surface of it this might appear a trouncing and although I could be accused of biased to my mind this was another good performance by the whole squad. We coped well when a press was applied, releasing the ball crisply and with a bit more luck under the basket the score would have been much closer. I've been asked by a few people for a list of our fixtures and I'll be publishing a list to the blog later today. Till then.........someone make me a sandwich, I'm starving over here.

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