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13th October 2011

With all the player profile goodness we've been throwing at you over the past week, which no doubt you've been greatly amused by, a few things have slipped under the radar.  I feel that its my duty, nay obligation as your guide through this perilous journey to update you on all things 'Bullesque' (its a new word, coming soon to a dictionary near you). Last Thursday at training (which incidentally comes around very quickly) our very own Danny Dawoud appeared complete with video camera, resident photographer (evening Shaun) and 2 fellow students as part of a project which forms a segment of his HND in Sports Coaching.  Much videoing, photographing and interviewing of the players (and Nancy) ensued, leaving us all feeling quite media-friendly for once. No doubt you will disagree with this as we get the interview with me on this blog. I wasn't looking particularly at my best but my excuse is that he grabbed as I was running out the door following two sweaty hours chasing the ball and other players around the court and generally trying to get a piece of the action. I wasn't very successful mind you, but then I rarely am given that most of our players are twice as high as me and find it amusing to hold the ball out of arms reach.  Don't worry though, I get them back with my subversive tackles ;-).  We should get copies of some of the footage which will be appearing on a blog/facebook/twitter feed near you, so look out for it. Training also continues tonight at Smithills Gym, Bolton from 8.30pm to 10.30pm. Come along and join us, meet the players, gossip on the sidelines with the WAGS and watch in awe as we push pyramids for funsies. You can even have a go in a chair if you so desire, I'm sure we can sort something out for you. As the more observant among you may have noticed, we now have a permanent link to our JustGiving page on the right of the posts.  As we've mentioned before donations are one of the charity's main sources of income so go on, give it a click and try it out.  We'll be forever in your debt, until the next time we ask for donations anyway. Thanks for finally getting this to work go to Sandra Latham, our very own programming guru. Finally (drum roll please) we're in the conceptual stage of planning what we hope will be a major raffle/auction to take place early in the new year.  To kick us off we've been very generously offered a 1 week stay in a French holiday villa by A massive thanks goes to Jacqui and Carl Alban for that. Must admit we here at Bulls Villa (as my house shall now be known) are extremely tempted to bung a donation on the justgiving site and award the holiday to us as a prize for all our efforts in trying to raise the profile of the charity and bring in much needed fundage. Of course, we wouldn't do that really because we are far too nice *cough cough*. In respect of this raffle/auction we are trying to put together we are obviously looking for further prizes to add to the pot. If anybody reads this and is willing to donate an item for the raffle (large or small, we really don't expect you to match the holiday although that would be nice) ;-) OR knows somebody that can, please get in touch either via the blog, twitter @boltonbulls or email us at And finally (yes I know the last one was finally, but this one really is).  I just missed out on getting a mention on Tower FM this morning by failing to get in the top 5 for the 9@9 again. I'm most disappointed, I'm considering it my very own personal challenge to see just how many times in a week I can be in that top 5. It would of course be an awful lot easier if I didn't have to take the smallest bull to school every day. Perhaps Brooksy and Vix will consider changing it to the Top 9 at 9.15 just so I can win my challenge!  

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