Player Profile: Jack Heggie

28th October 2011

Name:  Jack "Top points scorer" Heggie Age: Old enough. Squad number: 10 (LEGEND) Position: Semi retired Striker. Years playing: 4 I think
Points scored this season: Havent played this season but last season I lost count ;)   Picks/passes/assists: 0, I'm a forward I only shoot (and miss). Basketball Skills: Shooting three pointers, avoiding picks from opposition guards *cough* Chairman Steve. Falling out my chair, charging fouls, backing fouls, shot inpedance fouls, just fouls in general (its a genetic thing originating from Coach Heggie). Off court Occupation: FRESHER!!!! Likes: Ready Meals, Bolton Wanderers, Banter, Scoring (on court of course) Wheelchair rugby league, Twitter ( Follow JackH10), Budweiser and I will follow the example set by Chairman Steve and say my Girlfirend, Rosi (Brownie points well and truly scored). Dislikes: Manchester United, Bury FC, Gigg Lane, Big Gs basket celebration, Big Gs kinky belt (just to clarify I have not had first hand experience with the kinky belt), Andys beachball, Darrens likeliness to Gandalf and Tom Bartleys fibre optic tash to name a few. Did I mention I have Twitter- Follow @JackH10 and of course @boltonbulls. Also a final point the club are auctioning 4 Tickets for the Stone Roses giggs at Heaton Park, all proceeds will go to the club and they are in their last day of bidding. SNAP THEM UP!!!!! Here are the all important links-

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Smithills Sports Centre,
Smithills Dean Road,
BL1 6JS.


Day Start Finish
Monday N/A N/A
Tuesday N/A N/A
Wednesday N/A N/A
Thursday 8:30pm 10:30pm
Friday N/A N/A
Saturday N/A N/A
Sunday N/A N/A