Quick, the new kid got loose....

11th October 2011

Uh oh. Time for the newbie to have a crack at this player profile malarky.  I’m the one that they discovered via twitter so I guess that makes me the resident nerd. But for the most part I’m the one who changes his hair-styles more than I change my mind (and that’s a lot)                         
                                                              As evidenced by this picture!                                                            And this one! Anyways, lets get down to business, shall we? Name: Michael Galligan Age: 29 (and just so we’re clear, I refuse to acknowledge that I’ll be turning 30 in just over 4 months) Squad number: 8 Playing since: Around about this time last year. (That’s October 2010 if you’re reading this in the very distant future on Skynet’s cached internet pages) Position: Bench, mostly. (I’m new, so they only let me loose for a few minutes at a time. And trust me, that’s a wise, wise choice) Basketball skills: Still learning. But I appear to be the only one who enjoys doing pyramids.  Offcourt Occupation: I don’t have a real job per-say, but I do like to take photo’s, and have been lucky enough to photograph some very cool bands and people. Am I allowed a sneaky plug? Find it all here > www.shoot-immortals.co.uk Likes: My pets; Enzo (dog) & recent addition Toki Wartooth (leopard gecko), bad films (usually with the pre-fix mega and/or giant), pro-wrestling (yes, really), all music of the loud or metal variety (current aural abuse is Machine Head’s “Unto The Locust”) graphic novels, and all things Kevin Smith related. Dislikes: Mushrooms, most music that’s considered ‘popular’, people who think “addicting” is an acceptable word, my right knee, the film ‘Catwoman’, people who think it’s ok to shout “Pull a wheelie!” at me in the street; And genuine fears of: birds (specifically pigeons & budgies) and traveling on trains alone. Well, I think that’s me. No doubt I’ll think of a billion things I could have written here that would’ve have made it funnier and more interesting after it’s been posted but that’s always the way. See you on the side-lines.

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