Something for the weekend?

14th October 2011

As you probably noticed when you started your day, it's Friday.  As far as I'm concerned that makes it close enough to weekend to make very little difference.   So, once I've fully recovered from last nights training (have I mentioned I really love pushing pyramids), my plans for the weekend may involve. This evening Mrs Chairman and I will be taking the junior bulls to visit Bury Light Night, as mentioned on Tower FM which according to the website promises to be " a wonderful mix of arts, music, performance, workshops, tours and much more, with plenty to entertain explorers of all ages and interests.
 " The whole herd are looking forward to it, plus its a good excuse for a meal out. If your planning on attending, drop us a message and we may even be able to meet up with you during the evening. Speaking of Tower FM, Mrs Chairman and I were jointly the fastest to guess the year on the top 9@9 this morning, apparently its the first time in the history of the feature there's been joint winners.  Even more amazing, is that we both correctly guessed 2001 whilst in completely separate locations (she was on the school run while I was still waking up....spooky or what! Talking of a meal out, hopefully at some point I may even manage a takeaway, question is do I get Dominoes Pizza via or something else via the lovely people at Just Eat via  Now I read this back its starting to sound like all I do is eat, I suppose it is weekend after all. Of course Mrs Chairman doesn't feel that it being weekend is a valid excuse for all things takeaway related, but thats because she's working at the business end of pregnant ladies both Saturday and Sunday.  The question is, gentle reader, should I save her a slice?

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