The bandwagon rolls on

19th October 2011

And by bandwagon, I am of course referring to the shuddering juggernaut that is the Bolton Bulls publicity machine.  Since my last post a fair bit has happened, in no particular order 1) We've been in contact with Justin Moorehouse (of Key103, Phoenix Nights and a standup show near you fame.)  Being the kind man that he is, yesterday Justin made us show sponsor of his teatime show on Key 103  Call us biased (ok enough now I'm still writing) but its certainly worth tuning in to. 2) We're also in secret talks with an as yet unnamed party (ok she has a name but that'd give the game away) for another prize for the raffleauction event which I've talked about before.  Incidentally, if anyone has anything we could auction off, or indeed knows anybody that does then give us a shout. 3) The Stone Roses have reformed, initially for 2 dates at Heaton Park, Manchester (or Madchester as its likely to be being called over the coming days) with hopes for a world tour to follow.   Whilst this is undoubtedly massive news for the music industry, particularly in the north west where they were lauded as geniuses in the 90's, the first thing that popped into my head as I watched the press conference was "Don't they look old."  Time will tell how the comeback goes long term, but the more pressing question for me is "Do I want to spend £55 on a ticket.........probably not. 4) Ricky Gervais has over the past couple of weeks burst onto the twitter scene brandishing the word "mong" about with with gay (am I allowed to say gay) abandon.  A lot of people are up in arms about this,  referencing the connection the term has with Down Syndrome.  This is just one persons opinion, but personally I think political correctness has gone more than a little bit mad.  For me its not so much about the term, but the context in which its used that should offend.  If he was shouting it at someone who has Down Syndrome then THAT's offensive.  In my opinion the way in which he's using it is no more offensive than when he openly refers to Carl as that "Stupid Manc T***" Thats all for today, feel free to comment on what I've written below.  Oh and don't forget the Justgiving link at the top of your page.  Thanks PS. Video below sums up the state of political correctness.  Please note these are the opinions of Chairman Steve and don't necessarily reflect the Bolton Bulls as a club.

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