The people have spoken.....

8th October 2011

Ok then, it was only one person, but it still counts and they said they wanted more player profiles. Given that I'm allegedly a player, figured it was time to step up and tell you something about myself.  I'm the short dude at the front trying not to fall out my chair whilst grabbing the ball. Name: Steve Aston (AKA. Chairman Steve) Age: 38 (not quite 40 yet - its an important distinction). Squad number: 7 Points scored this season: 0 (didn't realise it was my job to score - isn't that why we have forwards). Basketball Skills: Annoying larger players by preventing them getting up court, generally being disruptive whilst occasionally throwing an awe incisive defence splitting pass (ok it was once, on a Saturday in 1999). Position: End of the bench shouting abuse Years playing  24 (yes I've been playing this game since the time of Moses). Off court Occupation: Currently between positions, mainly occupy myself with annoying Mrs Chairman making a nuisance of myself on Twitter and writing blog posts. Likes: Cider, Pizza, Sky Sports and Mrs Chairman (I'm hoping when she reads that she might make my lunch). Dislikes: Cricket, all Soaps (the ones on tv not the stuff you wash with - that's ok in small doses). Oh and most vegetables, especially the nasty green ones. And in answer to Dave (see previous profile) I might not actually be that particular strange dictator but I am getting some life size (actually larger than life, I'm quite short) pictures of me so the rest of the players can worship me in their free time.  These may (or more likely may not) be available via Ebay at a not yet determined time and bargain price).    The team huddle with all of us attempting to know what we're talking about.

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