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3rd November 2011

Sat at the table on a wet and blustery Autumn afternoon. I'm contemplating cracking out the Wii Zumba ;-).  No, seriously there's no chance of that happening today, I have far too much to do. Facebook (bolton bulls), Twitter (@BoltonBulls), emails ( Yes people, I am one of the voices of The Bolton Bulls and I rarely talk basketball! Mind you, for the purposes of today's post I'm writing to let you all know that the Stone Roses tickets we were previously donated managed to net The Bolton Bulls a £50 donation plus £12.50 gift aid on top because it was donated via Justgiving. How cool is that! Thank you to the people who offered to donate the profits from the sale of those tickets to The Bolton Bulls. A big thank you as well goes to the two lucky bidders who purchased the tickets from us and those who spread the word about the auction in the first place. As a sideline from that we have this week registered an eBay account and are in the process of  registering The Bolton Bulls as a charity on eBay allowing us/you/any generous person the opportunity to sell things and donate part or all of the sale to The Bolton Bulls and save yourselves money on the listing costs as well. I like an opportunity to save money. Speaking of money, I started the Christmas shopping this morning (Eek!). Well, with 3 mini bulls and the chairman to buy for it's going to take me a while to discover what it is they all want.  Have you started yours yet? Where's the bargains to be had this year? I've been lazy about my shopping, I've been trawling the net from the comfort of my sofa with the added bonus of going through spend and raise managed to put even more cash into the Bulls pot. A lot of the major retailers (Marks and Spencer, Debenhams, Woolworths, to name but a few) have registered with this site and will donate a percentage of any sales to the chosen charity. It doesn't even cost the purchaser any extra money and you get the benefit of warm fuzzy feelings for doing a good deed. Some of the team came round for pizza on Tuesday night (my word they can pack it away), for a skinny guy Mr Eck has a big appetite. Well he needs it to show off all his balletesque moves on court I suppose.  Chairman Steve on the other hand leans more to the 'my job is to defend not do pretty manoeuvres' school of thought. Didn't stop him robbing the biscuits though ;-). Many amusing anecdotes were shared to entertain us 'WAGS'.  Most of them involved one or other of the players (Chairman Steve or Dave) turning turtle in their chair on court and the ensuing struggle to get them back in it mid match.  In Chairman Steve's words, 'why is it I only come out my chair when there's someone there to watch and worry about it'?. Training continues tonight at Smithills Sports Centre, Smithills Dean Road, Bolton tonight from 8.30pm til 10.30pm.  If you fancy trying the game why not come along and join us? I'll be there along with Nancy and Sandra (guest posts coming up from them in the future, I just need to get them to agree to it first). You can see Chairman Steve push pyramids, watch Tommy swan manoeuvre down the court and marvel at Coach Jim's dulcet tones as he keeps them all in line. You might even get really lucky and watch Dave turn turtle ;-) (it's a regular thing, what can I say). One final note before I sign off.  This week the disabled sports community pays tribute to a man they've known and loved for a long time. There are many people with fond memories of Zbigniew Micek who passed away earlier this week from a short illness. You will be remembered by the wheelchair basketball community. R.I.P Zbigniew Micek (Zem) from all at The Bolton Bulls Wheelchair Basketball Club

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