Introducing Big G

27th November 2011

Another day, another player
profile.  Today we welcome to the Bull
Pen, Graeme Sneddon, (AKA Big G) who up to now has preferred to remain elusive,
but has taken time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions.  Name: Graeme Sneddon  Age: Considerably younger than Coach Heggie and older than everyone
else.  Squad Number: 13 - Unlucky for some 
since: A long time  
played: Under the net
Scored this season: A few 
skills: Limited 
Occupation: Divert Worker, Youth Offending Team 
Likes: Following
the mighty shakers, sport generally...........oh and Gayle of course! 
Being shouted at by Coach Heggie Additional
Info If your ever talking to
Graeme, feel free to ask him about his kinky strap.  He swears its just for basketball, the
general consensus around the club is it might have “other” uses off court. That’s all for now
Bulls fans,  I’ll be back in a couple of
days with more ramblings. Remember, be good out
there and if you can’t be good, try and not get caught.
Chairman Steve

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