It's game time...........

12th November 2011

As I sit at my desk at Bulls Towers (haven't actually told Mrs Bulls we're renaming the house, so keep that one under your hats) Its a little under 3 hours to game time.  Today, Smithills Sports Centre, Bolton, tip off 2.30 Bolton Bulls will play Celtic Warriors in an epic England vs Wales encounter. Possibly the England Wales thing might be building it up a bit, but today is a big game for the Bulls, who despite playing well in our first 2 matches have yet to win one.  Hopes are high that today could break that run, with the return to action of Jack "Legend in his own head #10" Heggie.  Jack was our highest scorer last season and although it pains me to inflate his ego, it could be said we've missed his height on court in our previous 2 games.  However, just to balance it out the praise (his ego will barely make it through the door otherwise) the tash he's attempting for Movember is seriously hilarious. Anyway, to summarise, I'm expecting all the Bulls fans out there (yes Raz that means you) to be thinking positive thoughts come 2.30 and I'll post a match report in the next couple of days. In other news, Little Bull has a cold and Mrs Bulls is currently driving back from a works conference in Nottingham. Remember............Lets Go Bulls.

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