Not another player profile.

29th November 2011

It is ANOTHER player profile, but
not just any player.   Some say that his
voice can only be heard by badgers, and that he has two sets of wheels (I heard
3 if you count his everyday chair.)  All we know is his name's Andy
Golightly. Name: Andy
Golightly Age: 25
and a bit 
Number: 9
since: Tommy
foolishly allowed me to tag along 
played: here,
there and everywhere
Scored this season: count them on the fingers of one finger
skills: suspect
Offcourt Occupation: avoiding the police
Likes: that pub
near Glasgow with a real fire, sport on the big screen, real ale at the bar and
a quizzy in the corner
Dislikes:  driving
all the way to Glasgow, queuing on the M8, losing the match every year, then
driving back on the Sunday evening I could add to this
and talk about his almost overwhelming obsession with quiz machines, all things
metal (although quite where Status Quo fits into that eludes me,) or his
penchant for Sunderland football club.
 But I'll leave that to your imagination.  Anyway, that's all for
now, I'll be back in a couple of day with more musings which I promise won't be
another player profile.  Quite what it WILL be is anybody's guess, only
thing you can be sure of is it'll amuse me if nobody else. Remember folks, be good, and if you can't be good make sure your driving
a faster car than the other bloke.

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