Tom Bartley - Number 22

6th November 2011

So after months and months of hard work and consideration it's time for possibly the best 1 point wheelchair basketball player who wears number 22 and originates from Westhoughton to make his debut on our blog. So er.... here goes nothing. This is a picture of me in San Francisco, as you can see theres a submarine there.. and a seagull which looks like it's sat on my shoulder. Whats that? Get to the point? ok... Name: Tom Bartley Age: 22 (ignore the greying hair, I've been struck down by a debilitating oldness disease before my time) Squad number: 22 (see the coincidence there) Playing since: 2003 Position: Point Guard / General Busybody Points Classification: 1 (I don't know how either) Points scored this season: A big fat lonely 0 :( Skills: I am the Xavi of the wheelchair basketball world. Keeping Chairman Steve on the bench. Offcourt Occupation: Forensics (Yes, just like CSI) Likes: Bolton Wanderers, Most kinds of alcohol, My wonderful car (BMW ooohh yeeeaahh), Spending stupid amounts of time on the computer doing all manner of things (no, not THOSE things you dirty minded individuals), Socialising, epic banter, work trips to the pub, long walks on the beach etc etc Dislikes: Bolton Wanderers (although at the time of writing this we've just won 5-0 so this may not be true). Strongbow Cider (it's my Kryptonite), just like Jack I also hate big G's basket celebration, waking up any earlier than 8:00am, not being on holiday, Jacks inability to recognise a truly incredible moustache. Hope you've enjoyed learning about possibly the greatest number 22 wearing wheelchair basketball player who has played for Bolton Bulls... I know I've enjoyed writing it! On another note, we have an upcoming game with some other Basketball team next weekend (I cant remember who, I'm rubbish) so expect Chairman Steve to tell you how to get to Smithills, and at what time etc. Come down and cheer on Bolton Bulls. More importantly, cheer on the Bolton player wearing number 22. And follow me on Twitter! @TomBartley22, thaaaaaaaaanks x

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