Wanted posters and other shenanigens

15th November 2011

Our regular readers may remember some posts back, (yes, I know it was a while ago) when we said we had a donation to announce in the not too distant future.  Well, it would appear finally that the time is at hand and  yesterday the long suffering Mrs Bulls and I visited Costa Coffee at the Middlebrook retail park in Bolton. Now on first inspection it may appear this was just a trip out for a coffee, (Caramel Latte is now my favourite coffee ever - but I digress as I do quite often).  It wasn't,  there was more to it.  We were there to meet with Breakfast Vix, who makes up half of Jon & Vix at Breakfast on 107.4 Tower FM and convince her that a) we are real people and b) we're not just some nutters off the internet (I did say not just ;-)).   Anyway, it would appear I'm waffling once again so I'd best get to the point before you all get bored and go watch Bolton Bulls in training (yes that was a hint, click the link and go watch it).  A few weeks ago chart topping boy band "The Wanted" visited Tower FM to be interviewed by Vix and Jon.  Being the thoroughly nice people that they are Vix persuaded the band to sign a poster for us. (Cue girly screaming from all the fans in our audience).  "The Wanted" sign our poster. Vix posing with the poster. The real reason for this meeting was for Vix to hand over the poster to ourselves. We now have it in our grubby little paws and are looking into ways of releasing it into the wild whilst raising copious amounts of fundage for the club. Feel free to contact us and give us your bids/suggestions. We are as always open to negotiation ;-). An hour of much hilarity ensued, with Vix and Mrs Bulls discussing all things female *shudder* and me skulking in the corner trying to pretend I wasn't with the loud women.  We very much look forward to doing it again, preferably without so much girliness.  Mrs Bulls then wangled a free lunch out me and convinced me to take her to Frankie & Benny's (also at Middlebrook). Well, I've got to score brownie points somewhere haven't I. All this talk of basketball is messing with her head and she's threatening to leave it all to me and the rest of the team. Can't have that can we, I'd have to do some work. Anyway, it was a very nice outing. Good food, a lovely restaurant (even if all the black and white tiling in the bathroom made my eyes go a bit funny) and I got in her good books. Some would say that was a result.  Finally, the Justgiving button as always resides in the top right hand corner of the blog page. You can see from looking at it that the figure is slowly going up. Please give it a click (yes, I'm asking outright this time), make a donation, however small and help keep the Bolton Bulls going for another year. 

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