You've seen the films, now meet Gandalf the White Wizard

21st November 2011

so it says Darren Birch on his hatching certificate but between the haircut (and
I use the word cut loosely) and his shot during our last game he is now, and
will forever be Gandalf.  We posed him a few questions, and in between
doing odd things to hobbits, he came up with the following musings.                                Name: Darren Birch
Age: Unknown - Need
to find hatching certificate
Squad Number: 4
Playing since: Early 1800’s 
Position played: upright if possible but mostly on the floor
Points Scored this season: yes
Basketball skills: none identified as yet
Offcourt Occupation: Sports Development Regional Officer
Likes: very loud rock n
roll, gigs, festivals, guitars
Dislikes: blogs, facebook, myspace, getting smashed by
high point forwards As if this isn't enough information to prove his
wizardy powers, here's a video of the shot I mentioned in the introduction.

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Smithills Sports Centre,
Smithills Dean Road,
BL1 6JS.


Day Start Finish
Monday N/A N/A
Tuesday N/A N/A
Wednesday N/A N/A
Thursday 8:30pm 10:30pm
Friday N/A N/A
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