It's the Nancy Lady!!!

19th January 2012

Well, I tried and I tried but to no avail. I could not get the Nancy Lady to write her own blog post. I bribed, I blackmailed, I threatened but nothing worked. This woman has been around wheelchair basketball for far too long.  She is like the Moses of the Bolton Bulls. The closest I could get to her putting in the effort was for her to hand me a small piece of paper with a couple of facts on it and an instruction to do it for her. In that case she can't complain about the result can she ;-). So introducing Nancy. She isn't a player for the Bulls but she IS the wife of one of the longest serving players, our very own Tommy 'porn star tache' Eckersley. She is one of the teams background support crew, although she's not usually in the background and EVERYONE knows the Nancy Lady. Nancy joined the Bolton Bulls 26 years ago when she met and fell for Tommy and decided to go to one match and one match only just to see what wheelchair basketball was like. She hasn't been allowed to leave since and is in fact the club treasurer (a job she was informed she could hand over to the next generation after 18 years, shame no-one will take it over). She multi-tasks her treasury duties with making the best ham and cheese butties in the league, running around cleaning up after the players, bandaging their boo boos and picking them up when they fall out their chairs. Nancy draws gasps of horror and shock from newbie players at gatherings where she is noticed to be flirting and mixing with the GB squad. Doesn't she realise they are god like and only to be adored from afar is the cry to be heard. What they don't realise is Nancy has been around for so long, she wiped the snotty noses and dried the tears of some of the GB squad when they first started learning the game (several of them trained for The Bolton Bulls at some point in their career) and they all adore her. Nancy is a very secretive lady and despite all my trawling of facebook and the internet I could not find a picture of her to add to the blog, so instead I lured her to Bulls Villa on New Years Eve along with Tommy who appeared to be dressed up as 'Where's Wally', plied her with wine and then took a sneaky snap or two, enjoy ;-).                                            Where's Wally? Here he is...                                             Introducing The Nancy Lady!                                  Hmm maybe that last glass of wine was one too many?

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