Everyone loves a wedding.............

4th March 2012

But first we deal with a serious issue. The potential closure of The Bolton Bulls Wheelchair Basketball Club. HOWEVER!!!!! Where there is a Mrs Chairman and a Chairman Steve we will continue to harangue/harrass/and generally annoy people until someone helps. Trust me, it's easier to admit defeat and click that nice pretty link up there that takes you to www.Justgiving.com/bolton-bulls than it is to put up with me keep posting help messages. ;-) Many thanks go to those people who have stepped up and offered their help and support thus far. J Broughton Photography, Dolly Bakes, G Casino Bolton, Amanda, Donna and Jamie H and many others. We look forward to chatting further to them and joining forces in the challenge of keeping The Bolton Bull Wheelchair Basketball Club alive for another 30 years. Well, until Chairman Steve is incapable of pushing his sports chair anyway (maybe 10 years?). Anyway, completely aside from all of that up there, is the fact that 2 weeks ago we went to a wedding. Not just any wedding either. It was the wedding of Our Dave and Our Sandra (Oh hell, I'm even starting to talk northern now, I'd best head back south quick). You remember Dave? He's one of our players. One of the first in fact to provide us with an insight into how the mind of a wheelchair basketball player works and very scary it was too. You can read it here, go on it's worth a giggle. On the 19th February 2012 Dave Hughes got hitched to the wonderful Sandra Latham in a nail biting, sweat inducing ceremony. Well it was for Dave anyway. Sandra was 45 minutes late for her own wedding! I've heard that it's the brides prerogative to take her time and make the groom a little bit nervous, but by the time she arrived the whole church was a bit twitchy and Dave was positively grey. All was well though and despite that minor hiccup it was a beautiful ceremony with more than one teary eye in the place. We swiftly headed off to Bolton School for the Wedding Breakfast (excellent choice of food btw.) and the evening reception.  Speeches were made, wine was flowing, Dave was embarrassed 'Top Deck Dave'?? If anyone knows the answer to that one feel free to share, he's being very cagey about it. Oh and something about a bus fetish? We even got to witness the first dance (see I told you those wheelchair dance lessons would pay off Dave)! The happy couple are currently on their honeymoon in Australia where I believe it has been raining since they arrived. Glad to see they took the Manchester climate with them, I would hate for them to be homesick. Anyway, Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Hughes, have a wonderful honeymoon and don't forget to bring us back a present. Preferably a Koala.

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