In the words of Penelope Pitstop "Hayulp! Hayulp!"

2nd March 2012

A seemingly boring but very necessary post from me today. See that button up there *points*, yes that one in the top right hand corner of your screen. The one that says donate now. Well can you please click it and  make a donation? I know that a very blatant and direct plea for your money but in all honesty I needed to get your attention and figured I'd ask outright. After all you never get anywhere if you don't ask do you. Disability sport is extremely high profile right now, what with the Paralympics coming to London this year and everywhere you look there are images of Paralympic athletes or some form of branding burning their mark in your retina. It's like that bloke from the Go Compare advert, wherever you look there's something. Well, we at The Bolton Bulls ARE disability sport and we're not just some new group set up because it sounds good. We have been running for the last 30 years promoting health and fitness to the people of the Bury/Bolton area. We offer an opportunity to learn and train for a well recognised (especially now) sport, an opportunity to socialise with a group of people that have a unique perspective on how their conditions affect them and who have a common goal. Beat the other team! You don't have to be disabled to play wheelchair basketball, it's an all inclusive sport with a points system for players depending on ability. So saying I have legs that work is no excuse if you fancy trying it out. BUT, the cold hard truth of the matter is that it costs money to run the club. Yes, we get subscriptions from the players. However, the majority of the time we are relying on donations from you and fundraising events to continue to pay the costs. The club is a registered charity, details can be found on the charity commission website Right Here. See we are real ;-). Right now we are struggling and without your help, without your donation the club will not last until next season if we make it to the end of this season. Please make a donation by clicking that button up there on the top right of the page, clicking HERE if you don't want to move from here, or you can even donate by text. Text BULL12 and your donation to 70070 to donate to THE BOLTON BULL WBC and make a difference today.  I don't have heart rending pictures to tug on your heartstrings, I don't have life changing stories to appeal to your conscience. All I can do is ask for your help and hope you will give it. Help save The Bolton Bulls! In the words of Penelope Pitstop. Hayulp! Hayulp!

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