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14th March 2012

Oh my word, what a week we have had. To start with, I've had 7 whole days off of work and I thought I was going to have a nice relaxing time of it. Catching up on some reading, maybe watching a bit of TV and generally doing absolutely nothing strenuous or anything that involved using my brain. I couldn't have been more wrong, it's been a whirlwind of activity. It appears wheelchair basketball is taking over my life in one form or another. Ferrying Chairman Steve to training sessions, travelling to home and away matches, promoting the club, researching grants, generally hassling people for money and sponsorship. Oh and not to mention designing flyers, business cards and a whole new range of Bolton Bulls merchandise that you can view and buy here. I'm turning into a walking advertisement for the Bolton Bulls Wheelchair Basketball Club, so much so I'm thinking of charging commission! IMPORTANT STUFF YOU SHOULD READ! *imagine a little flashy symbol about it that draws your attention to it* We have had a couple of extremely interesting and very fruitful meetings with potential partners in the last week. First of all we met up with Reg Hollingworth from Grimshaws Vauxhall in Eccles, what a lovely man and what a great company. As well as selling a wide range of Vauxhall cars (hence the name obviously) they have a motability scheme which enables disabled people to lease a car, powered wheelchair or scooter simply by using their government-funded mobility allowances. Customers exchange their allowance for a worry-free mobility package, including: Car, powered wheelchair or scooter Insurance Servicing Tyres Breakdown cover Adaptations and wheelchair accessible vehicles are also available. Anyway, I digress. Grimshaws Vauxhall have offered to sponsor The Bolton Bulls in a unique deal. For every customer that purchases a car from them (motability or otherwise) and fills out a referral card in the name of The Bolton Bulls Wheelchair Basketball Club, Grimshaws Vauxhall will make a donation to us. Look for links coming soon on our Facebook page and a downloadable voucher. Didn't they come up trumps!! A cheque for £500! We also had a meeting yesterday with Amanda (sales and events manager) at G Casino Bolton and we will be running various events with them over the coming weeks (hopefully longer) the first of which is a quiz night on the 12th April. Submit a team in advance by phoning G Casino on 01204 375820 and join the fun. Entry costs just £10 per team and G Casino have generously offered the profits from the quiz to The Bolton Bulls. Thank you G Casino!! We will have further events with them so stay tuned. There are too many other people to mention individually on here that have offered to help in one form or another (some have been mentioned here) and we look forward to working with each and every one of them to our mutual benefit. We will post more information on specific events and donations as we get them. Are you a fan of The Wanted? Apparently they are huge in the UK and now they're storming America. You'll have to forgive my ignorance on this after all, I am getting on a bit now but I have been reliably informed of this by teenage Bull. Anyway, you may remember back last year when Breakfast Vix from Tower FM met with The Wanted and stuck a poster under their noses for them to sign on our behalf. Here's the post for those of you with goldfish like memories (that's be Chairman Steve then). This poster has now been lovingly framed and is up for auction on eBay, click the link, have a look, get bidding and get yourself a unique piece of current pop history (go on it'll be worth a fortune in a few years). Then you can pat yourself on the back and say well done for raising money for The Bolton Bulls. Remember we are a Registered Charity so that's double pats on the back for being so charitable. Go on click it, you know you want to do good for charity! And finally (before you all get bored of me). If you don't like The Wanted, don't fancy a quiz night in a casino or a new car, please do your bit and click our JustGiving link in the top right of our blog or just click here and donate whatever you can spare to help save a local charity from extinction. You'll do good, you'll feel good and you'll help us. It is after all Paralympic year and disability sports and charities are very high in the media right now. Oh, one last thing (yes I know I said finally last paragraph but this really is the last thing). Chairman Steve is being interviewed on Friday 16th March by Bolton FM so you can hear more about The Bolton Bulls, who we are, what we do and why we need your help by tuning in at around 12.15pm. If you're reading this after the fact and have come here as a result of the interview on the radio, Welcome to the Life and Times of The Bolton Bulls. Stick around, we're not this boring all the time.............honest ;-). I'm going back to work tonight for a rest!

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