2 Council Meetings and a fishfinger sandwich.

24th April 2012

Today has been yet another extremely busy day for us. Chairman Steve, Michael and myself  went to Bolton to meet with the Sports and Leisure department of Bolton Council. This apparently caused Michael to rise forcibly from his pit at 7.20am having battered his alarm twice and declaring this to be our fault!!!  Considering we didn't pick him up until 10am I've decided that this is the price he has to pay for having such high maintenance hair. In his words 'It takes a long time to get it looking this good you know'. The Sports and Leisure meeting went very well and we are now, as a club going to apply for The Bolton Mark. This will apparently open further funding avenues to us and help prevent your favourite basketball team from disappearing from your lives in a puff of smoke. OK, more like a dissipating smog, but you get the idea.  We followed this up by descending on the lovely ladies in the picture above. Rachel (DollyBakes) and her friend Gemma along with many of the employees of Bolton Council have been busily fundraising on our behalf over the last month. You may remember the post about Easter Bonnets and cake sales. Well that was Rachel. To finalise the month of fundraising on our behalf, they ended with a bang. Although it may well have been a groan after consuming all these cakes from their bake sale yesterday.  I had to stop Chairman Steve forcibly dragging me over there! The fruits (cakes) of their labour ended with Rachel and Gemma presenting us with £259.97 and a photo opportunity that I couldn't pass up. Even though there were cries of 'But I can't be in the picture, I always look constipated' ;-) Thank you so much to all the lovely people who have put in so much hard work on our behalf over the last month.  There have been further talks however of further fundraising. The terms 'Abseiling' and 'Skydiving' have been bandied about along with volunteers to do them. I'm definitely going to be doing some research. We ended the day once more at G Casino in Bolton to have a chat with Amanda about upcoming events. A pamper party on May 8th and a quiz night on May 10th.  Details of both can be found on our facebook or by contacting us via our email (boltonbulls@gmail.com). Amanda seemed extremely keen to join in a skydive strangely enough.  Oh yes, I almost forgot the fish finger sandwich. They sell them at G Casino, bloody fabulous. I've not had a fishfinger sandwich for years and yes it had to have brown sauce!  One last thing, those among you with keen eyes may have noticed the new tabs at the top of the page. Yes this blog is expanding. More pages will be added as I get round to them or have information to impart, but for now have a look, tell me what you think and most importantly please click the Donate Here tab and leave us a donation? Every penny makes a world of difference. 

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