A cakey bakey time and another quiz.

22nd April 2012

The blog posts are coming thick and fast now
and all out of sequence. So much to say and so little time to do anything. I know we’re a wheelchair basketball team and
therefore people come to our blog to read about wheelchair basketball. Learn
about what ‘picks’ and ‘lay-ups’ are, get the lowdown on ‘quad defence
manoeuvres’ and read in-depth match reports featuring foul counts, individual
scoring statistics, baskets scored and other such technical information. Well,
that’s not happening here. In order for you to read that sort of thing, one of
the players that knows more than me about basketball needs to volunteer to do a
blog post or three. (Yes, that was a hint). Me, I know about midwifery stuff
(since that’s what I do) and cakeybakeness. Oh and fundraising. I’ve been doing
a lot of that lately. I do know that there was a match last Sunday
(15th April). It was the last game of the current season and just
happened to be an away match.  Bolton
Bulls vs Vikings and they absolutely creamed us 64-28 (see another cake
reference, I should stick to cakes). It was a good effort by the team despite
the score line. Our very own Daniel Dawoud scored his first basket of the
season, Michael Galligan enjoyed a full quarter on court and got his first foul
and the squad came home in good spirits.  Vikings played extremely well and it was a
good natured match. Well done Vikings, we’ll get you back next season ;-). Back to me writing about what I know. We’ve
been on War of the Workplace on Tower FM for the last 3 weeks with a myriad of
different hosts. What’s that then I hear you wondering. Well, it’s the most
addictive quiz on Tower Fm (that’s what it say on the website anyway) and it’s
basically 2 businesses from the Bury/Bolton area going head to head over 5 days
in a bid to win a meal for 10 at The Chinese Buffet in Bolton.
10 questions over one minute, with scores being tallied throughout the week and
the final round on a Friday.  As I write
this we have just completed our third week and unfortunately our winning streak
came to an end. We were beaten soundly by Girly Night Out (A Hen Party
Accessory Company in Bury) and they fully deserved the win, we were shocking.
However we are the lucky recipients of 2 winning vouchers for a meal at The
Chinese Buffet.  Watch out, the Bulls are
coming to tea! (yes, I said tea. The northern is creeping in by osmosis). Thanks to Tower FM and their hosts, Tony Horne,
Chris Best and Mark Keen for letting us take part and for letting us plug the
team and the fundraising events whenever we could. Highlights of the 3 weeks include: Chairman Steve thinking that 2012 is the 30th
anniversary of the Vietnam War (hint it involved Argentina). What happens on the 27th July 2012
(it’s not the first day of summer as Chairman Steve proclaimed. It is actually
the opening ceremony of the Olympics), you’d think we know that being athlete’s
and all that. Who knew that Bombay Duck was actually a fish? That The Canary Islands are named after dogs? Did you know that a purple finch is actually
crimson? Nope we didn’t know those either. We’re not
that good at quizzes. We even had a guest appearance by our very own
Andy Golightly who gamely stood in for us at the last minute on Wednesday 18th
April. Unfortunately he was unsure what creature Sebastian was in The Little
Mermaid. (He was a crab). However, he put on a cracking performance and we’re
wondering if he’s up for the challenge in the future. While Andy was testing his knowledge of trivia
and working on improving our score. Chairman Steve, Michael (self-proclaimed
minor celebrity) Bull and myself were off doing lunch. We visited 
Cherrys Coffee Shop in Westhoughton. We’ve been talking to Cherry’s Coffee on Twitter
for a few weeks now and as you’ll know from a previous blog they donated a
raffle prize to @DollyBakes fundraiser. So we thought we’d take the opportunity
to go along, support a local business, introduce ourselves and indulge
ourselves whilst promoting the Bolton Bulls by strategically placing flyers. Oh, and eating sandwiches! Cherry’s Coffee shop
has a range of freshly made to order sandwiches and rolls that are quite simply
magnificent. The wide range of coffees available was impressive and the
cakes……………. What can I say about the cakes? They were spectacular! Key Lime
muffins, Lemon Meringue muffins, Coconut Bounty muffins, Mint Aero muffins,
Lemon drizzle cake, Victoria
sponges. Enough to make a person drool, Quite frankly if it wasn’t for the
school run I think Chairman Steve and Michael may have moved in!  Unfortunately, mini Bull was due to finish
school so we had to leave. I say leave; it was more a case of stumbling out the
door due to the cakeyness. But, we will be back and we recommend you go too. Cherry’s Coffee Shop can be found 1-5 Wigan Road, Bolton, BL5 3RD and online at
www.cherryscoffee.co.uk. Go
along, have a wonderful time chilling out with coffee and a cake and don’t
forget to tell them we sent you.    

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