Eggs, Bonnets and Basketball.

18th April 2012

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since we
blogged. This is mainly due to our internet router being a complete pain in the
rear end and deciding to die on us, whilst the Internet providers decided to go
down every possible option before declaring it deceased. Apparently a new one
is winging its way to us as we speak so we should hopefully be back with you
full time in the next few days. Go on admit it, you missed us ;-) There is so much to tell you that this is
likely to be a long and rambling post (go on say it, just like the other ones),
so well done if you persevere to the end. We commenced on Thursday 5th April
with a visit to Bolton Council Offices to judge their staff Easter Bonnet
Parade. The whole day had been organised by our friend on Twitter @DollyBakes. What we didn’t realise at the time was that we were also there to
witness ‘sit down basketball’ and to judge a ‘decorate the eggs contest’. It
was a fun filled day attended by Chairman Steve, mini Bull, Michael
(self-proclaimed minor celebrity) Bull and me. The eggs were fantastic, a true
vision of ‘eggs’cellence! We saw Spongebob, Harry Potter, Spiderman, Jaws all
in admirable eggy form. However, we had to award First Prize to Star Wars
featuring Master Eggda, Darth Vadegg, and R2Egg2, with Shregg coming a very
close second.  The time and effort that
went into these was we’re informed ‘quite considerable’ with a fair bit of
competitive spirit between the teams. Apparently the winning team were working
until 2.30am on the day of the contest!   And the winner is............. Next was the Easter Bonnet Parade. The work behind the scenes was furious in the
week leading up to the contest with staff taking home jobs to do to in order to make the most impressive Easter Bonnets. Very difficult tasks as some extremely intricate bonnets were
being produced. We were hugely impressed with the work that went into them. In
order to impress us, the judging panel. The staff had to parade around the
offices wearing their bonnets with points being awarded for ‘swagger’ and each
hat was awarded further points for skill, durability and use of
colour/materials.    Yes, there was even a man in a chicken suit! Mini Bull was most
impressed. However, the winner who just squeaked in by one point had to be the
most elaborate hat we have seen in a long time. Now that's a hat and a half! You have to agree, the work that went into all
those flowers and the use of colour/placement certainly meant it deserved first
place. We were later informed there were cries of ‘vote fixing and bribes’
behind the scenes and would like to clarify that all votes were made
impartially with no idea who made which bonnet. The day was rounded off by a raffle also fully
organised by @DollyBakes with prizes being donated
by local businesses and friends of both Dolly and ourselves on Twitter. Prizes included:  A cake from Occasion Cakes (isn’t it awesome!) A £100 voucher for JJ Catering
Lunch for two at Cherry's Coffee
Show tickets from the Albert Halls Bolton 
A massage from Heaven Scent Holistics
A bottle of wine
Free milkshakes from M1lkshake
A bouquet of flowers from Octagon Flowers
A Paperchase recipe folder
An assortment of books and beauty products
A nail salon voucher
Vouchers for the Chinese Buffet, Bolton The raffle itself raised over £190 which we are
thrilled to bits with so massive thanks from all of us at The Bolton Bulls to Dolly, all at Bolton Council
offices and all those who donated prizes. DollyBakes is organising a further bake sale to raise funds for the club on 23rd
April. If you would like to contribute baked goods for the sale in return for a
bit of promotion, please contact Keep an eye out for further posts about our
activities over the next few days. There was far too much to put in just one blog session. Until then don’t forget our JustGiving link at
www/ for all your generous donations.

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