It's been a quiet week........honest!

3rd April 2012

Now that everyone has had a chance to digest Michael's Story it's up to me to try and find something to follow it. Something that will grab your attention and make you want to read further, something to make you think 'I really want to support these guys', something to make you want to share our links with your friends and family and most importantly something to make you hit that JustGiving link up there in the right hand corner or here if you're viewing the mobile site ;-). So, with all that in mind what can I post? Erm.............. Did that work? No? Erm.......... Let me think.............. OK, how about we visited Grimshaws Vauxhall in Eccles today and we had cake! You may know of them. They very generously sponsored the Bolton Bulls and we had pictures and everything. Remember that dodgy one of Chairman Steve accepting a cheque? Yep, those guys.  Anyway, they were having a cake sale to raise money for Help For Heroes and we went along to show our support. Otherwise known as dropping off stuff and generally ogling at cars. I now want a new car, someone convince Chairman Steve I NEED one.  We also had a chat with their techy wizard 'Tilly' and laid down the gauntlet. She reckons she'd be better in a sports chair than one of their mechanics. We dare her to prove it! What else have we done? Not a lot to be honest. We had a fundraising strategy meeting at G Casino with some of the team and I managed to delegate some of the workload to others (that's what I'm calling it anyway) and the casino very generously provided us with sustenance. We're very much looking forward to going back with most of the team next Thursday (12th April) for their quiz night between 8-11pm. They are hosting this quiz night as a fundraising event for charity and guess what? We're the charity they've chosen. Aren't they great! We've got teams coming from Grimshaws, Bolton FM, Best of Bolton, us (obviously) and hopefully many other teams. So grab yourself a few of your mates (up to 6 per team) and come down, support us and try and win this 'smart phone proof' quiz. Trust me, you can't be worse than us ;-). Ooh I almost forgot. This Thursday (5th April) we have to go to Bolton Council offices to judge an Easter Bonnet parade that @DollyBakes has organised to raise money. We're even taking the smallest Bull with us as apparently 'they like small people'. They haven't met him yet, mwhahahahaha! Finally, check out these 2 eBay auctions put on by the MILE Awards for Charity run by the Kearsley and Little Lever Primary schools.  Mile Awards 4 Charity Auction - 2 tickets to Bury Football Club and Mile Awards 4 Charity Auction - 2 tickets to Lancashire County Cricket Club Yes, I realise this post wasn't very basketball oriented but more about what we've done, who we've seen and eating cake. So for those of you that think every post should mention basketball I give you this. ;-) Til next time. 

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