Let’s get Quizzical!

20th April 2012

If a quiz
is quizzical, then what is a test? I’ll leave you to ponder that along with
what do you get if you rearrange the letters NEIPS. If you get anything other
than spine, your mind needs a thorough cleansing. Anyway,
moving swiftly on before Steve has an apoplectic fit of rage at me nicking his
jokes. We went to
the Casino!! And we not only had a brilliant night, we came out richer than
when we went in! Well, the club did but I can claim at least some of the credit
for it right? G Casino in
Ormrod Street, Bolton organised and hosted the inaugural quiz night to raise
funds for the club. We like the Casino, they found out about our financial
plight and have piled in enthusiastically to help us out. I think they’re on a
mission to save the club singlehandedly. 
The quiz was advertised all over the World Wide Web on Twitter, Facebook
and by email and text and it worked. We must also thank our friends at Tower
FM, Bolton FM and The Bolton News for the plugs and adverts they provided both
on air and in print. Bolton FM even sent a team to try and beat us (they failed
but we hope they’re up for a rematch :p) On the
night itself 16 teams of quizzers turned up en masse at the Casino, I think we
may have sent their computer system into a minor meltdown as it tried to deal
with all the new registrants we provided. Well, they did say we’ll do the quiz
if you bring bodies and we rarely back down from a challenge like that.  So, around
70 people took over the restaurant at G Casino to take part and see who could
win the grand prize of a VIP casino package. Apparently more wanted to join
when they realised what was going on but there just wasn’t the space……………this
time anyway. We’re taking over even more of the place next month. The quiz
consisted of 5 rounds of questions with 3 extra rounds in an envelope of
photo’s to identify, dingbats to answer and football teams to deduce from
obscure riddles. Questions such as; What was Sherlock Holmes brother’s name? And What was
Gertrude Ederle famous for in 1926? These questions and more had teams
scratching their heads in bemusement as they tried foraging for forgotten
pieces of random trivia knowledge gleaned over the years. There was
good natured ribbing at some of the daft answers, some of the outlandish team
names (Massive Packages???) and a prize for the losing team. A mid quiz mini
buffet to feed the working minds was provided and the Casino also put on free
table training to teach us the arts of playing poker and roulette. (Trust me, I
need this training. I had to have lessons on how to use a slot machine!) At just £5
a team it was a fun filled night topped off by the Casino very generously
providing every single quiz attendee with a free £2 bet on the roulette table.
Something taken up very willingly by many and resulting in a particularly happy
local councillor Andy Morgan winning and donating a significant portion of that
win to the club. With the
help of G Casino, wonderful table service and their excellent and very
attentive staff we had a great night and boosted club funds by around £300.
Thank you so much. In fact it
was such a good night, we’re doing it again! On 10th May make your
way to G Casino Bolton for the 2nd quiz night and see if you can
take on the winners. 

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