And suddenly the room filled with the smell of chocolate

12th May 2012

Your all getting far too used to hearing from Mrs Bulls and I, so we thought that we'd mix it up a little bit today.  Friend of the team, Vicky Speak attended our recent Pamper Night at GCasino in Bolton and has graciously agreed to share her thoughts on the evening with us.  So, without further ado it's over to Vicky.

I’m really not that girly so when the Bulls invited me to there pamper night I wasn’t to sure if it’d be something for me. The words ‘personal
pampering’ did make me wonder what torture they would try to do to me in the name of beauty, but its all for a good cause so I decided to be brave and go along, plan B was to sit in the bar with the Bolton Bulls lads so couldn’t go wrong.

My powers of persuasion seemed to fail me in getting someone
to go with me (@razcrockett I mean you), but knew I’d be ok with Mr & Mrs Bulls (as I seemed to call them) so dusted off something half decent to wear and set off out. Seemed to stand in the reception a while waiting for a few others to register, my plan to sit in the bar all night got foiled as soon as I got there as I was told I’d be shown to where the pamper night would be, I mayhave even been spotted by Mrs Bull at this point too, I was stood right behind her after all  

Got to the room and I sat myself at a table, yet again my plan to hide in the bar was foiled as the first drink was brought to me. As more came in a voice from behind me seemed to realize it was more of a demonstration, she was hoping to get her nails done, at this point I decided I may not need plan b after all. Mrs Bull arrived in the room, I’d not met her before, (guessed it was her earlier, the Bolton bulls
shirt helped me spot her) after a few sips of my drink I thought I’d best say hello. Intros done I joined there table, what a nice bunch of lady’s, seemed to giggle a lot and wonder how they did there work.

After a while the pamper party started with a game of stand up bingo, basically you stand up at the start & sit if one of your numbers
is called – maybe wasn’t that basic at the time as we had to be told twice. To cut a long story short I didn’t win, the prize was won by the table behind me. Next was the girly ‘have a try / smell of this’ part of the
night I got passed allsorts from foot spray to perfume, all very nice. First up a mix of fruit mists the coconut one was my favorite but I think mixing about 3 fruity mists wasn’t such a good idea, I smelt like a fruit salad.

Suddenly the room filled with the smell of chocolate next round was something that can only be described as chocolate mousse; it looked just like it but was some sort of scrub. This was quickly followed by a double chocolate something or another, decided to give this one a go was nice but now smelled like a bounty bar.

The offer of a makeover came at this point, the room fell silent, am sure there was tumble weed. I don’t wear makeup but the more she asked the more I thought I may offer, anyway I did just after some else had the
‘photos for facebook’ did make me retract my offer quite quickly mind and I did wimp out. I did get snapped though. At this point I noticed a lot of the girls were filling out their body shop order forms like no tomorrow, I had looked threw the book a few times & didn’t really want anything.

Turned out a percentage of the sales would go to the Bulls so had another look through & found something to order, doing my bit after all.

There seemed to be a break as folding of raffle tickets was being undertaken, I decided this would be a good time to find the Bolton bulls lads in the bar.

Armed with another drink I went and said hello, even though I was tempted to stay and watch football with them I decided I best go back in – good job I did I won 3 lots of stuff, the 3rd ticket was drawn while I was still trying to pick the 2nd so got them to draw it again. A few gift sets were won & quick estimate of what was raised was given.

I headed to the bar area with my swag to show the lads &
everyone headed home apart for Mr & Mrs Bull whokept me company while waiting for the taxi, at this point I found myself telling them I was good with pc’s if they needed any help, Mrs Bull was quick of the mark & asked if I was any good with web pages – best dust off my Uni books (its all for a good cause) All in all I had a good night, me & @RatedR1882 even had a quick chat about trying to get @razcrockett out on a school night – all in need of a good cause of course, speaking of that again don’t forget to pop by the donate tab if you can give a little  


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