What happens when you take a bunch of blokes in chairs out on the town?

9th May 2012

Well, I'll tell you. Last Friday night the Bolton Bulls descended en mass to The Chinese Buffet in Bolton for a free meal courtesy of Chairman Steve and I winning War of the Workplace on Tower FM.  We tied up the lift for half an hour ferrying bodies up to the restaurant and took over their foyer while we waited on our table being ready. We had phoned in advance and warned them of the need for space. Good job too, being a Friday night in the centre of town it was very busy. Mind you saying that we can't thank them enough. The service was great, the food was amazing, the drink was flowing (especially to Mr Bartley), the company was good and the bill was very acceptable.  There was much merriment occurring amongst the team with various attendees being embarrassed by comments. Good job it was all made in good faith and taken the way it intended.  Replete from the amazing food the conversation turned to what to do next. There were suggestions of attending G Casino Bolton  and creating havoc there. Especially as we'd dragged Amanda along for the night out with us. But inevitably the cries of 'it's too far to push' became 'Ooh, I know a decent pub round the corner'. So round the corner we went and the Bolton Bulls crashed The Elephant & Castle in Bolton. Half a dozen chairs in a crowded pub on a Friday night? Yep, it was cosy.  The drink flowed, the music blared, some of us sang along and some of hit the shots.  Good job there was a responsible adult to send him home in a taxi isn't it Mr Bartley. All in all if you're looking for a night out in the Bolton area, we can thoroughly recommend these venues. I think we'll be going back in the future.  Moving on from a fun night out, my thoughts turned once again to fundraising. It's bloody hard work keeping this bunch of reprobates on court you know. I may not know much about basketball, 4 man lay ups, picking, technical fouling and 3 point shots. But I've certainly learned that I appear to have 2 full time jobs lately.  The next night organised was The Body Shop Pamper Party last night at G Casino once more. This was organised in conjunction with Amanda Smith a part time Body Shop consultant who offered to host an event for us. Of course, we took her up on it. Turn out on the night was good, everyone appeared to be having a good time and one lucky lady even got a makeover. Before After Doesn't she look pretty? There were many raffles and lots of people went home happy with their spoils. Many thanks for attending, and thank you to Amanda for hosting the event for us.  As a result of the party and everyone's combined efforts we managed to raise £208.50 for the club. Thoughts now turn to the next quiz night, again hosted at G Casino. This Thursday 8th May at 8pm. You must be over 18 to be allowed in the casino and new registrants need to bring ID with them. Please do come along, following the success of the last quiz night it should be a very good night. Bring your friends, drag your family out and see if you can beat the reigning champs Andy and Jen.  More information can be found on Facebook. That leaves me with one final thing to say.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDRA HUGHES!!!!!!!!  it's her birthday today. Go on wish her Happy Birthday

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