Call To Arms...

14th November 2012

To begin, a confession: Chairman Steve and I had every intention of posting regular match reports this season. As you’ve probably noticed, this hasn’t happened. 

That’s not to say we haven’t been busy Bulls. The very opposite, in fact. In the opening 2 months of the season we’ve played almost half of our allotted games (for context, most other teams have played 2 or 3).

Sadly, the season hasn’t been going well at all for us, and there’s no good way to write match reports for 6 defeats; for that reason I’m going to be glossing over those results in this post.

There are a couple of things worth mentioning though, not least the away trip to Newcastle where we only had 5 players total. This intrepid 5 put in a hell of a performance, but sadly the numbers plus the previous days performance would catch up with them and they would fall short of a positive result. If you’ve ever seen the film “300” it was a lot like that. But on a much smaller scale. 

Then there was the small matter of the Bulls going head to head with a Greenback team that included Abdi Jama a member of the 2012 Great Britain Paralympic team.

The final thing isn’t technically basketball related, but it amused me and I’m running out of interesting things to write.  *Filler Alert* On the return from a very, very close Derby game that we were unlucky to come away from empty-handed; we made our traditional (it’s happened more than once therefore, it’s tradition), stop off at Little Chef. I ordered the “American Style” breakfast (Bacon, scrambled eggs, beans, waffles and maple syrup, in case you were wondering.) which came to be described by the rest of the team as “jam and beans”; and thus a legend was born. So if you ever see a funny looking bloke in a cafe trying to order jam and beans it’ll be me trying to get an “american style” breakfast... You might be beginning to wonder what the point of all this rambling is. Well, dear readers, you may remember that in the past we’ve asked you for donations to help keep the club alive; and you all did an amazing job helping us out. Now, if I may, I’m asking for something even more valuable: I’m asking for some of your time. This Saturday we have a home game against West of Scotland. I’d love for everyone reading this to come down and show your support. Be our sixth man, and let’s get that first win of the season together. Tip - off is 1:30pm and here is where you need to be: Smithills Sports Centre  Smithills Dean Road Bolton BL1 6JS Bring the noise.

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