We have been very bad.................

17th April 2013

Bloggers that is. We're a bit rubbish at it, we promise you that we'll blog regularly throughout the season and then we leave you hanging. I'm amazed any of you stick around really.

But, if I'm honest. If we HAD blogged throughout the season, it would mainly have consisted of blogs saying 'we had a match today, we lost.............AGAIN!' It's not been a good season for the Bolton Bulls in terms of results. Playing wise, I think (and this is just my personal opinion of course) we've played well against some very strong teams and Lady Luck has just not been on our side.  

Our big forward had to go off and get himself a University place (come back Jack!) and our very own Tom Bartley who was having a cracking season, went and busted his back! Bad form Tom, he's been out of play since before Christmas. Get it fixed and get back on court, we need you!

Training sessions continue to be fun. The addition of some newbies in the training camp have provided some fresh bait for the older, more refined players. Yes I'm talking about the crumblies on court, namely Chairman Steve, Darren (the white wizard) and coach Heggie. I've started training with the team, as has Jen (AKA Mrs Andy).

The addition of 2 girls has caused great merriment with all manner of jokes being bandied about. Turns out some members of the team are very easily distracted by the mention of girl parts. Who knew! (it helps us score anyway) ;-).  No idea if we'll be joining the official team come the new season in September. It all depends on whether Coach Heggie deems us fit enough (and I'm talking about pushing ability not how hot we look).

Lots of work going on behind the scenes with Chairman Steve doing his best to get a bikini body in time for the wedding in August. He's even doing pull ups at the gym these days. Admit it, you're impressed. I know I was. Many thanks to the team at Klick Fitness Whitefield and especially our personal trainer (Kyle Rinder) who tortures us both twice a week. We may curse during our sessions but we are benfitting from them and do enjoy them really.   Impressed aren't you ;-)

Another ever present part of the behind the scenes work is looking for sponsors for the club, especially as the new tax year has commenced.  Sponsorship is an essential part of keeping the basketball team (a registered charity) afloat.  The best bit is for the majority of businesses a donation to a registered charity is tax deductible.

Last year we were sponsored by Grimshaws Vauxhall who made a generous donation to the club in return for mentions on our various social media outlets and a sponsor page on the blog. We were also involved with G Casino in Bolton and had several very successful fund raising nights. Can you help this year? Would you like us to link an advert to your business on our blog, mention you on Twitter, connect with you on Facebook? Would you be willing to make a donation or form a mutually agreeable relationship with the club?  Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in supporting a local charity. As always our contact details can be found to the right of the blog.  

One last thing, we currently have 2 items up for auction on Ebay to raise funds for the club. One being a signed Newcastle United shirt (2011-2012) season donated by Alan Pardew himself, the other being signed memorabilia donated to the team by The Lancashire Hotpots. (Click the highlighted words to take you to the items) Finally, (thank goodness for that I hear you cry) our last match of the current season is on Sunday 21st April 2013 at Smithills Sports Centre, Smithills Dean Road, Bolton. Bolton Bulls versus Celtic Warriors. Tip off 1.30pm. Please come along and show us your support (based on this seasons scores we could really do with it) and give us a cheer.  Mrs Bolton Bulls :)

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