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7th May 2013

With the recent 2012 Games showcasing the best in British talent, it’s all too easy to forget that champions were made, not just born: that, at some , someone, somewhere,gave them the initial skills and encouragement that led them up on to the podium.

For over 30 years the Bolton Bulls Wheelchair Basketball Club has provided such support to generations of athletes, providing a team environment where the priority is not solely centred upon each individual’s sporting ambitions, but instead is focused upon ensuring that each member has the necessary  - and treasured – skills to lead an independent life.

Whether it’s learning to transfer yourself between your car
and wheelchair or perfecting your free-throw, the Bulls continue to cater to all ages – their current membership spanning over five decades! Currently the team competes in Division 2, and, over the years, a number of the players have gone on to represent Great Britain in international competition.

This does not however; preclude the charity only to involvement from the disabled community. Able bodied individuals who wish to get involved with a unique sporting opportunity for themselves are very much welcomed. One of the current members has even procured
a Duke of Edinburgh Award.

However, the club is currently struggling financially and without support will be unable to continue providing the community with its fantastic sporting, social, and life benefits for current and future players. In its current state the club costs approximately £5,000 a year to run in it’s most basic state.

We are currently able to bring in around half of this cost from subscriptions paid by the members. However,this leaves us with an overall shortfall of approximately £2,500.00 per year which we have to raise through other means. F

Further to this we are constantly trying to attract new members/players to ensure the club does not fail.We have had a degree of success within the last year although that in itself provides us with the problems of obtaining extra funding, to supply sports chairs for the development players.

To date, we have run quiz nights,sponsored events, marathons, and raffles and have had some small amount of success with these. However, as you can imagine it is an on-going battle to provide finance. To this end we are continuously looking for partners to get involved with the charity, grants that we are eligible to apply for and for donations/sponsorship from conscientious businesses and members of the public and we would like to ask for your help. Would your company be willing to form a partnership with the club? Your sponsorship/donation could make the difference that enables the charity to continue to run and provide disability
sports to the local community.

In return we would be willing to promote your business via adverts/links to your website on our various social media outlets. On behalf of The Bolton Bulls Wheelchair Basketball Club, I would like to thank you for the time you have taken to read this post and we would encourage anyone who may be able to assist to contact us. 

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