Duck Season? Rabbit Season? Nope, it's Basketball Season!

4th July 2013

And so it begins again…. Tonight is the first training session back after a 2 month hiatus at the end of last season. The ‘athletes’ of The Bolton Bulls Wheelchair Club recommence at Smithills Gym, Smithills Dean Road, Bolton from 8.30pm til 10.30pm every Thursday evening.

You should join us. At the very least it will be amusing to see everyone proclaiming to be fighting fit after 2 months of couchsurfing.  Chasing each other up and down court, launching lay ups at the basket and getting in each other’s way during a scrimmage and declaring loudly that they’re ‘too old for this’. 

The league season begins once again in September and this year the Bolton Bulls are going to be firmly in the 3rd division. We’re hoping that this will provide us with an opportunity to gently ‘break in’ the newbies, aka me and Jen. Theoretically the score sheet should be an improvement
on last season as well. Whilst the training was hard, the coaching was good and the team were fit we were extremely unlucky in that the other teams were just that bit faster, stronger and fitter. Kudos to the coach last season for not throwing down his white board in disgust and abandoning us to our fate.

Jim Heggie we salute you! Jim has decided to hang up his coaching megaphone and focus more on his retirement; he has most definitely earned it after the last 3 years coaching the Bolton Bulls. He will be keeping his hand in on the sidelines and assisting with table duties during the home matches and attending training when he is able.

This means that this year the Bulls have a new coach and we welcome
Dan Craddock to the role. He has been playing for the last couple of years and
is a new signing to the Bulls. He brings fresh enthusiasm, new ideas and from what I’ve heard brings a loud voice to the courtside. With his coaching we hope to make our mark on our new division.

Aside from all that, myself and Chairman Steve decided to
get ready for the new season in the best way we knew how. We went out for dinner! 

We’ve had many a conversation with Jon Jones (Masterchef
Professional: Quarter Finalist and generally loud shouty chef) on
Twitter and as he has just opened his own pub ‘The Farmers Arms’ in Bolton we thought (in the interest of the team) we should check it out as a potential meeting place.  Jon promised us ample parking, disabled access, disabled bathrooms and food that would make us dribble.  He didn’t let us down!

From the outside and upon entering, The Farmers Arm’s looks
like a country pub. That’s because it is. However, we were greeted by Charleen (assistant manager) who looked after us extremely well, offered suggestions on the menu and made sure we didn’t wait for anything.  The man himself came to greet us during our meal and we learned that the only thing he does not make from scratch is the filo pastry. Even this he intends to make himself when he has more staff.  He has grand plans for world domination in the food industry and we want in at ground level when he manages it ;-).

Anyway, the food! Oh my word, the food!   All Day Breakfast   Popcorn Parfait with bubblegum icecream and candy floss Cookies and Cream cheesecake! He even makes his own bread!   I think it’s safe to say we’ve found the perfect place in a great location for the team to get together for ‘committee meetings’ ;-). So come along and join us at training, become part of the team. You could even join us as a sponsor or a fundraiser. Have fun, get fit and go to places with
great food. Go on, you know you want to!

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Smithills Sports Centre,
Smithills Dean Road,
BL1 6JS.


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