Match Report - Bolton Bulls @ Rhyl Raptors - Saturday 28th September 2013

28th September 2013

It was time for Bolton Bulls first road trip of the season and the sun was out for the journey to Rhyl. Sadly, that was about as good as it got, as the Bulls endured a long and difficult day at the office.

Right from the off, the Raptors came out with intent; quickly racking up 28 points. A shell-shocked Bulls only managed 6. Things didn’t improve in the second quarter (or the third, but we’ll get there); the Bulls only adding 4 points to their running total.

Continued domination from the opponents meant the game was all but over at half-time. Half-time score: Bolton Bulls 10 Rhyl Raptors 42 The third quarter; infamously a time when Bolton Bulls struggle, something that hasn’t happen yet this season. It happened today. No points at all for them here, sadly the same cannot be said for the Raptors adding another 17 points to an already insurmountable total.

Bolton Bulls had 10 minutes to rescue some pride. They gave it a fair crack, finally running the Raptors close; the quarter score coming in at 12 points to the Bulls, 16 points to the Raptors. It was never going to be enough, but it was nice to finish stronger than they started. Final score: Bolton Bulls 22; Rhyl Raptors 75. Hopes are high for a return to better form for next weekends match vs Whirlwinds. Michael #8

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