The Bolton Bulls Biathlon!

7th October 2013

Myself (Mrs Chairman) and Dan Craddock (coach) had a brief moment of madness and thought it would be a great fundraiser for the charity to climb the Yorkshire 3 peaks on 17th May 2014.

Before we could even blink, we'd somehow signed up for it. Eek! This challenge consists of trekking 25 miles ascending over 1600ft and climbing 3 mountains in approximately 12 hours!

Now I'm not the fittest person on the planet, carrying a *cough* small amount of extra padding around my person. Although I do hit the gym several times a week and have somehow (completely without my knowledge obviously) found myself strapped into a basketball chair training with the team every week and have signed for the team. (yes, I do need my head read).

Anyway, following on from myself and Dan planning a potential death trek we ran with the idea of slightly zany fundraising and decided to make it a Biathlon! The clubs chairman, several players and our erstwhile sponsor Mr Jon Jones of The Farmers Arms, Radcliffe Road, Bolton (a combined age of 374ish) decided they could easily do a 5k race in their wheelchairs. They bragged it would be a piece of cake after easily doing the Great Manchester Run a few years ago. Oh and informing me they all
have the bodies of athletes! (They didn't say whose). So we decided to up the limit and they are all signing up to do the Bolton
10K on 13th April 2014.

Thus the Bulls Biathlon was born. We now need to nurture it through your
support and provide much needed donations to keep the charity running. Oh and to make it worth my while risking death up a mountain! I mean seriously! Have you looked at me?? That deserves a donation if nothing else! As a charity/sports club The Bolton Bulls provide an exercise and social outlet to the community of Bolton/Bury. Predominantly made up of disabled members the club also welcomes the able bodied and play in the 3rd division of the National League (GBWBA). Many new skills can be taught and support provided to people who are possibly adjusting
to life as a wheelchair user either from accident or illness or even just
looking to maintain their physical fitness. If the club does not get the
support it requires each year then a valuable resource will be lost to the
local community.

So come on folks, dig deep and show us your support. If anybody reading this knows of a company/organisation that would like to get involved with the Biathlon either through a monetary donation/raffle prize/sponsorship of equipment or indiviual people please get in touch with us at or via ourTwitter/Facebook) Donations via justgiving can be made at  Over the coming months, we’ll be keeping you up to date with our training and bringing you news of fundraising to date. We'll be linking to all commercial organisations that get involved in any way via our
various media outlets in order to provide them with publicity.

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