A visit to Warrington and other stuff.

1st November 2013

Well, what can I say.  It's only 10.30 on a wet Friday morning and we've just got back from a short run to Warrington. No, we didn't just get a random idea to go pootling down the motorway sightseeing. We went with a predetermined appointment that involved getting up while it was still dark, on my day off and with Mini Bull not needing dragging out of his pit for school. 

Some of you folks that read this may remember that in April last year (2012 for those that can't do maths) we got to know the very lovely folks over at Grimshaws Vauxhall in Eccles and they became official sponsors of the Bolton Bulls for a year.

Their generous donation was the kick start of a fundraising drive last year in order to save the club from extinction. (Well, some of the players are as old as dinosaurs now). As a result of this relationship, Alan Grimshaw mentioned us to a very nice chap from Enterprise rent-a-car (Martin Gaunt) who sent us an email to introduce himself. It was him we went to meet today. Enterprise rent-a-car have a Foundation which was The Enterprise Holdings Foundation.

This was established by their Founder Jack C. Taylor to allow the company to give back to the communities in which their customers and employees live and work. The Foundation provides charitable support to worthwhile, non-profit initiatives that are actively supported by the company's employees, their spouses and loyal customers in the thousands of local communities where they operate.

The Foundation also provides more sizable special grants to non-profit groups or causes of significant strategic or social importance to the company and its employees.  Martin contacted us with the suggestion that we at The Bolton Bulls Wheelchair Basketball Club applied for a grant from their charitable trust. Who were we to refuse!

We made the application and left it in the hands of the gods.  Fast forward several months and out of the blue we received an email from Martin last week to say that he had a cheque waiting on his desk for us! We were gob-smacked! Totally stunned and extremely happy. That is what led us to Warrington today.

We met with Martin at the Enterprise-rent-car offices to thank him in person and to take possession of the cheque. Yes, that is a cheque in our hands for £1500.00 from the Enterprise Holdings Foundation!  This most generous donation is going to go a long way toward helping us develop the club for the future. As you know, we are currently organising a fairly major event next year. The Bulls Biathlon! (go on hit the link and read about it) to develop storage facilities for basketball wheelchairs. This will hopefully allow us to have chairs available for people who wish to try the sport with a view to playing with the team and potentially in the future to have a development session running. It is a major event and we do need support to run it so we are extremely appreciative of this generosity from Enterprise rent-a-car.

On behalf of the Bolton Bulls Wheelchair Basketball Club I would like to say Thank You Enterprise! Please do read about our Biathlon and if you or someone you know is able to support us get in touch via our email boltonbulls@gmail.com or you can make a donation on our Justgiving page. www.justgiving.com/Bulls-Biathlon 


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