Bolton Bulls - The season so far...

1st February 2014

As has happened before, keeping up with regular match reports hasn’t actually happened and for that I (that’d be Michael Galligan the ubiquitous number 8) apologise. There are reasons for this however, I won’t bore you with them here as I have my own blog for that. I hope what follows will serve as a catch up of the Bolton Bulls season so far. I’ll try to cover everything but as I have the organisational skills of a pet rock there may be some omissions and/or repetition of games already covered in these here hallowed pages.

Brace yourselves, here goes:

Leeds Spiders 2 46-26 Bolton Bulls - 13th October 2013 A hard fought game that was closer than the final score suggests. The Bulls struggled to score in the first quarter and that proved their undoing, but they were very much at the beginnings of putting in place a new style of play. The second and third quarters were much closer; the Bulls only losing them by 3 and 2 points respectively. Faced with chasing the game the Bulls gave up quite a few points in the fourth, but went down fighting.

Manchester Mavericks 21-39 Bolton Bulls - 20th October 2013 I wasn’t actually present at this game so I can’t really comment on performance other than it must’ve been good because the Bulls got their first win since opening day.

Onwards! Tees Valley Titans 79-22 Bolton Bulls - 9th November 2013 A long road trip was in store for the Bulls as they travelled to one of the strongest teams in the league. There were drums and someone dressed as an angry gingerbread man (no, I don’t know either) and a tough, tough game. Despite the scoreline the Bulls put in a solid performance as Coach Dan’s new tactics started to click with the team as a whole and the Titans had to work hard for their (sadly for us) impressive points tally.

Bolton Bulls 31-24 Leeds Spiders 2 - 24th November 2013 They say a sign of a good team is one that wins even when they don’t play well. Let’s hope so. The Bulls struggled in parts of this game but came away with the win thanks in part to a strong second quarter, where the Spiders only added 2 points to their tally. Coach Dan’s total basketball revolution had begun...

Bolton Bulls 43 - 12 Manchester Mavericks 2 - 7th December 2013 Spirits were high going into this game, with the Bulls looking for their first “double” of the season. Coach Dan’s revolution was in full swing as the Bulls scored freely and defended hard, never allowing the Mavericks to score more than 2 baskets in any quarter. Probably the strongest performance I’d seen from a Bolton Bulls side since I’ve been a player here.

Carlisle Panthers 2 28-30 Bolton Bulls -14th December 2013 Another long road trip for the Bulls, but spirits were high off the back off 2 decent performances that had yielded a victory.  The game didn’t start all that well, the Bulls lost their captain early doors to a dislocated finger; and were trailing at the end of the first 14-10. An even-stevens second quarter (8 points a-piece) had the Panthers leading going into half-time. The Bulls came out firing on all cylinders for the second half, by shutting out their opponents completely in the third quarter, preventing their them from adding anything to their side of the score board. With the game hanging in the balance, the game became a nervy affair with both teams defending hard, knowing that a single mistake could lose the game. Probably the most exciting game of basketball I’ve witnessed in the short time I’ve been playing, the finish was utterly nail-biting. But the Bulls hung on to win by a single basket and score a third victory in a row.

Lancaster Bulldogs 37-26 Bolton Bulls - 5th January 2014 All good things must come to an end, and so it was for the Bolton Bulls win streak. Sadly, as I wasn’t at this game I can’t say much about it. 

Wakefield Whirlwinds 58-39 Bolton Bulls - 12th January 2014 Bolton Bulls never recovered from only scoring a solitary point in the first quarter of this game, despite strong 2nd & 4th quarters. The Whirlwinds were always able to keep the score ticking over enough that time would always be against the chasing Bulls; and so it proved.

Bolton Bulls 32-58 Rhyl Raptors - 26th January 2014 The Bulls were always going to be up against it against a strong Raptors side, but they put in a strong performance that may have been a little scrappy in places, but certainly made a good account of themselves. Both teams opened fairly well, with the Bulls staying within touching distance, trailing 8 to 16. The Bulls put in an amazing second quarter actually winning it by a single basket, 10-8. After the half-time break a determined and strong Raptors came on out prepared to put the game to bed, and that they did, posting 24 points to the Bulls 4. The final quarter finished all square 10 points each. Scoreline aside Bolton Bulls can be proud of the effort they made. Onwards and upwards...

So, you’re officially up to date. Stay tuned because the revolution isn’t over... Michael #8


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