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12th June 2014

I know that's what you were all thinking - or at least some of you, come on at least one person must have missed the random musings that come from this blog.  Anyway, moving on from that, our first pre-season training session is this evening so I decided that today was the day you all got to hear about the major events that have transpired since our last post.

Firstly it was agreed at our AGM that it was time for a new chairman, with Andy Golightly agreeing to take the helm, this has freed up me (Steve) to take over as Club Secretary.  Fortunately for you, gentle reader, this still means that I'll be writing a lot of the blog posts, answering the emails and getting involved with the Facebook and Twitter - so your not getting rid of me that easily.  On a briefly serious note, hopefully we'll be able to use the structure that's already in place as a springboard to take the club on to new heights.

To this end, the club is in the process of designing a brand spanking new website - more news on that one as it becomes available. Also, as anyone with an internet connection would have read about over the summer on the weekend of May 1718 a group from the team in combination with supporters from the Farmers Arms in Darcy Lever (great pub btw - you really should visit) undertook what we labelled "The Bulls Biathlon." The event started with Sacha Aston and Dan Craddock undertaking the daunting prospect of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks.  You'll hopefully find out more about the day (as I wasn't there) in a future post from Coach Dan.

I'd like to focus more on day 2, which meant me, together with Ben Berry & Clare Jones from the aforementioned pub hauling ourselves round the Manchester 10k on what was apparently the hottest day of the year so far. Over the 5 waves of runners (I use the term loosely as I more push than run) there were 40,000 people out on the streets of Manchester for what has in recent years become the biggest 10K road race in Europe. To summarise, a really good day out, made even better by the thousands of people lining the streets supporting the runners, almost all of whom were doing it for one of a multitude of charities.

People were shouting encouragement to you by name - as an aside to this it actually took me till a fair way in to realise that they didn't know my name due to my growing fame, but in fact because "Steve" was plastered on my chest. I have to congratulate the organisers on keeping that many people organised for an event of this magnitude, also for the bands that lined the route. For those of you who are wondering, Ben finished in 59 minutes, Clare in 1hr 50 (taking a full 30 minutes off her previous best time) and I managed 1hr 40 which I was quite pleased with.

Thanks again to everyone who took part in both events which has at the time of writing raised for the club over £1,000 a figure which I think we can all be rightly proud of. Did I mention pre-season training starts again this evening...


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